Who are these Filthy People?

Who are all these dirty people?

Are they homeless or mentally ill or do they just not care about…soap???

I see so many of them, especially on public transportation. Those people who are so absolutely filthy, that much like the Peanut’s character, Pig-Pen, they seem enveloped in a cloud of blurry shrouding filth. Dirt oozes from every pore and crevice of their body.

I saw one such man on the train this evening. He was wearing large, old (no kidding) jeans and an Adidas shirt and unrecognizable shoes and he held a bag of some sort and he was so dirty, it seemed his complexion was ashen, ebony, and his race was nearly imperceptible, though I’m leaning toward Hispanic. His face had wrinkles, rivers, of grit and grime and his hands looked like they hadn’t been washed in 30 years. His clothes looked stiff with dirt and scum. The jeans, being too baggy, crumpled a lot and there were many, many folds which were brown with that unwashed fabric look. He looked like he’d slept in his clothes since Barack Obama won re-election.

Where do these Filthy People come from?

Oh, don’t try to explain this as homelessness. I see homeless people all the time, who, while not models of cleanliness, still don’t look nearly as filthy as some of the Filthy People.

With the Filthy People, it’s as if they are willingly, diligently, trying to collect as many layers of dirt on their body as possible in some personal mission of utter self-pollution.

Whenever a Filthy Person is near, I find myself holding my breath because the odorous assault that would issue from such a subject would surely be traumatic.

Who are these Filthy People?