Hollywood going to the ghetto dogs

Against my better judgement, I took this name and spit it into the Google machinery.

I was apprehensive. Even a little scared though I had little to lose. It was more of the apprehension over tired knowledge. The obviousness slaps one in the face.

It slapped me in the face, but being the alleged impartial blogger that I proclaim to be, I simply wanted to be sure.

First, the name, and Google:


OK. The name itself answered many questions. Let’s see what else.

de what

Alright, time to give up. I’m not relying on stupid internet searches when the puzzle has been solved by the a priori skill set that guides my daily public transportation life. It’s called instinct. Instinct has no manners.

It was too obvious, but one must resist preconceived notions.

As a prelude for those who aren’t aware, here in Hollywood on Friday night, a “party bus” was traveling along Sunset Boulevard. It stopped at the corner of El Centro in order to let some “partiers” off so they could use the restroom. Now, as far as I know, there is nowhere to take a leak around there. You have the Palladium which was a full venue at the time and I doubt the security guards would let outsiders in to use the restroom. The other corner houses a tire shop and an Out Of The Closet store. Across is a local television studio building that has been razed and is currently undergoing construction of yet another overpriced Hollywood hotel. The only possibility is the Rite Aid to the South, but why would anyone stop a bus in order to piss at Rite Aid when dark nooks abound? I’ve walked down El Centro many times and there is nothing but human piss and shit piled up every Monday morning. It’s to be expected.

Apparently, the bus made its toilet stop about 11:45pm. People got off to do their thing, and as they were re-boarding, a fight ensued in the crowd and next thing you know, shots rang out. One man was killed and another injured. According to this KTLA report, a person in the area (but not related to the incident), Trevor Garcia, said, “A crazy Hollywood night on a Friday night.”

Essentially, Garcia summed it up. Weekends in Hollywood degenerate into mayhem and violence. I see so many news stories now about people getting shot and stabbed to death every weekend in Hollywood. Back in the old days, Hollywood was scummy and ugly and run down, but people just got drunk and passed out and there were no pretty people to act like scum magnets. Hollywood was just a big piece of inconsequential crap 20 years ago. A few years ago this town began to go “upscale” and the old dives turned into trendy bars and all the old neighborhood fixtures were retrofitted to make them glittery and trendy. The crowd became glittery and sophisticated and this is when the murders began. Most Hollywood murders were not at the hands of the fancy folks. It was all the inner city Black hoodlums who discovered Hollywood and brought their agony with them. Agony and gunpowder and psychopathic problem-solving ideals brought this shiny town to its knees. Hollywood was great, even when it was shitty, until the young South LA thugs discovered it and transformed it into Hell.

After reading the headline above, I instantly checked for the suspect’s name. Sure enough. It was “Deondie Wilson” and he was from Lynwood, which is really just a glorified ghetto southeast of LA. It’s more working class than Watts because many of the people in Lynwood actually work, but that’s the only difference.

Apparently, the “party bus” that brought Wilson and his unnamed 17-year-old wing to Hollywood embarked from Compton. No surprise.

Wilson and an alleged 17-year-old accomplice, whose name was not released because of his age, face murder charges in connection with the shooting, Officer Rosario Herrera of the LAPD Hollywood Community Police Station told KTLA 5.

One man was killed and a second injured in the shooting on Friday night at 11:45 p.m. in the 6100 block of Sunset Boulevard, police said.

The bus had traveled to Hollywood from Compton when the shooting unfolded, according to the LAPD

The shooting happened shortly after the bus stopped at the corner of El Centro and Sunset to let people off to use the restroom, police said.

An argument broke out as the victims re-boarded the bus, leading to the shooting in front of the Hollywood Palladium, police said.

Of course. Do the math.

What the hell has happened to this wonderful shithole called Tinseltown?

Hollywood used to be the place normal people came to get plastered and horny and commit all kinds of wickedness, but they didn’t kill people en mass every weekend. Now the Black kids from every un-overturned stone in South Central come to Hollywood with attitudes and guns and hair trigger tempers and scare everyone in town. It’s the kids, it’s not the Blacks. If I see a 40-year-old Black person, I know it’s gonna be cool. It’s the 19-year-old one must watch, and he’s the one who’s destroying Hollywood. I hate Hollywood now. It’s a big turd hole. Too many people, too many dangerous young thugs with their fatal world views.

I thought of this video I rolled the other night as I drove home. This is Hollywood, folks. In the middle of the week. What more can I say?

Don’t visit Hollywood. The sidewalk stars are stupid and boring. Don’t adulate people. Adulate minds, adulate values, but not people. Otherwise, you’ll just perpetuate human filth and falsity, ie, Hollywood.