The trash picker and his dark spell

Earlier this evening, I told my son about something strange and weird that happened to me the other night, a night he was at his mom’s. Of course, I had to hedge a bit. It wasn’t that weird, and only slightly strange. But it was odd in the sense that shit you experience when you’re roused from sleep always seems stranger and scarier than it really is when you think about it later, during your waking hours. It’s as if the act of waking up in the middle of the night due to a a sound makes that sound seem unrealistically and dramatically macabre. The sound seems way more scary and spooky than it should. Even a cat’s meowing, if it wakes you up, sounds like some weird devil banshee hunting you down in order to suck your blood out.

So the other night, I was awakened by the sound of a man speaking near my window, in Spanish, and speaking the oddest words which I cannot remember now. At the time, his speech was strange and frightening…it scared the fuck outta me. It sounded sinister and demonic in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping soundly. There was a sort of Vincent Price timbre to his voice and he seemed to be uttering nonsense, but evil nonsense. I thought I heard something religious, but I went back to sleep and couldn’t remember a word of what he said when I woke in the morning. I remember being really scared when I heard him, and hoping dreadfully that I had latched all my windows. But sleep was a stronger draw and all the fear and worrying couldn’t make me stay awake. Still, the man’s persistent and grave Spanish morose words affected me strangely!

I told my son they sounded like an incantation. That would be the exact description of the man’s voice and speech. It was a steady stream of ceremonial rehearsed words with religious gibberish thrown in for good measure. A horrible incantation!

And I fell back asleep quickly before he could finish his spell.

It occurred to me the next day that it was trash day. It’s normal that the night before trash day, we see a large influx of overnight trash pickers parading up and down the alley. Many of these people are deranged and have crazy looks in their eyes. The kind of people who pick trash at one in the morning (my guess) are prone to maniacal incantations.