Greed as the Way.

My problem with corporations is that they diffuse human accountability.

Corporations allow decisions to proliferate without an owner, without a parent. Corporations enable collective decisions while neglecting the mere fact that perhaps they sprung from someone’s troubled mind. Corporations are group decisions that have been allowed to fester across the decision-making morass of society which we don’t question.

We allow it to happen because corporations have codified that they alone are entitled to shape such a dichotomy. We not only allow it, we enable it because of our blood-thirsty materialism. Corporations create materialism and they also solve it. They have designed a self-engulfing snake of accountability. They tell us, how us, we are disposable. Human society is the miserable unblinking intermediary.

We must teach our children, from a young age, to rebut this. Teach them to seek less, but seek more. It’s our only hope. Or maybe we taught them to want too much, just like ourselves.

So we must teach them to rely on our own greed. It’s the way.