Happiness Lost

I find it curious that people, in their quest to realize happiness (a delusional goal, if any), are prone to laying waste to the countryside and leaving a desolate trail of unhappiness in their wake.

The cause of unhappiness is that smug, untested assertion that we are deserving of happiness, or anything approaching it, as a species.

Happiness is the most pernicious of all human hungers and is the root of all strife and despair in this world.

Seek the middle Way, the unblemished path.

Do not trample over others with your filthy shoes of unhappiness in your elusive search for happiness. Be mindful. Happiness comes with a hefty price tag which leaves us wondering if it was worth our trouble. Be neither. Be a stoic man, a man who is not so weak that he must sacrifice happiness for the sake of discovering something he is told by society is how happiness is defined.

True happiness is the void of such a idiotic striving.