Music by which to run 90-year-old Koreans over

Awful little dash cam action here in L.A.’s Koreatown from the early morning of April 27.

According to KTLA, a 90-year-old man, Joo Yoon, was out for a very early morning bike ride (we should all be so blessed) and was crossing at the intersection of 6th and Virgil at 5:10am when he was struck by a Nissan GT-R, of all cars. Witnesses describe the driver “as an Asian man, 25-years-old with black hair and brown eyes.
He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 190 pounds.”

Almost 3 months later, LAPD is now publicizing this incident and asking for the public’s help. Sounds like their investigation has been hitting some dead ends. Even though the perp is driving a very rare car, even for Los Angeles.

The Asian part of the description does not distinguish the suspect in Koreatown. But the car, the car! It was described “as dark grey or gun-metal, with a 3 inch white racing strip from front fender to tail light section, on both sides.”

Frankly, I don’t know what is more galling about this video. The completely reckless disregard for life displayed by the driver of the Nissan, or the horrific 1980’s vintage heavy metal music that the driver of the car with the dash cam was listening to at such an ungodly hour.

That terrible song is “Calling On You” by the religious freak metalheads, Stryper.

The lyrics,

Inside of me there is a lonely place
Sometimes I just don’t know it’s there
But when I’m all alone
That’s when I have to face…

The part of me that needs someone
To be by my side that’s when I call on…

You, You make my life complete
You give me all I need
You help me through and through
I’m calling on you

I can’t explain just what You do to me
My love grows stronger everyday
You give me love, You give me company
And when I have to face the rain
You bring sunshine into my life

The video.

Ah, the humor does not ever get darker, does it?