Welcome to the new American cult(ure),

Welcome to the new American cult(ure).

The new American cult(ure) is built on a bedrock of subconscious repression.

It is passively dictatorial and enshrouded in sensibilities that are as delicate as a baby’s pink ass. American cult(ure) nurtures the loins of a barren intellectual and emotional landscape upon which we can overlay our scene in the most bland and innocuous representation possible. American cult(ure) weaves out life amid platitudes of weakness and moral cowardice.

The new American cult(ure) speaks for you and assumes your role. It overpowers and dilutes your opinions and values. What you believe is a mere afterthought to the cult(ure)’s priorities. If you deviate in thought, in motive or in perspective, you will be ostracized and face sour scowls, or worse, criminalized, cast to the discarded depths of undersociety where the refuse can enjoy its own lonely anti-cult(ure).

The new American cult(ure) is powered by technology and social media. The shrinking planet coalesces opinions into a large morass of gross acceptability. As a mass of humanity, we are also tossed into this featureless ideological elixir and become an equally featureless part of it. Our souls and individuality are diluted by the massive pool of common average ideology; further, it assumes our nature as its own. If we refuse to abide by this medium’s recipe, we will be expunged from this foul potion of humanity.

What is the new American cult(ure) if not a global pond of Groupthink that rewards individuality with disapproval and conformity and inconspicuousness with social prosperity?

In the new American cult(ure), we hesitantly whisper that of which we are unsure while bellowing that which meets the script guidelines laid out by the gatekeepers of proper behavior and thought.