Our plutocracy has been commandeered by idiots while the INTJ’s wander off.

I will always be number TWO.

I’m an INTJ, for chrissakes.
We care, but we don’t.

Which sphere are you speaking of?

In my personal sphere, I care.

In the work sphere, I hardly care, but I still work hard and devote an inordinate amount of my egotistical energy to my tasks. The difference between an INTJ and everyone else is that the INTJ is capable is parceling out emotions, thoughts, expectations, and reactions in logical, precise manners without any attendant emotions.

It’s a great gift.

But it’s also a curse because we are unable to assume a stable semblance of aspiration. Our capabilities and piercing attention are also our downfall.

Alienation is our key.

We are the “super-competents” of the Peter Principle.

We are the big fish in the small pond, forevermore.

It’s horrible being the “super-competent” because over time, you either let it affect your psyche, or you surrender your upper-level skills to mediocrity in the name of jolly co-existence.

In today’s corporate, hollow work climate, most managers are 23-years-old and have big boobs and big smiles, thanks to that awesome Peter Principle which finally shines when considering the course of human corporate evolution over the decades. See, the Peter Principle works within companies, but it is especially applicable over the range of human business evolution over the span of a few American centuries.

The sour creme has risen to the top.

Our plutocracy has been commandeered by idiots!