A bizarro Trayvon/George role reversal scenario, but Skittles are still Skittles and a hoodie is still a hoodie…


After the dust has settled, the Skittles gathered, and the hoodie folded, we are left with an incomprehensible din. Too many voices, too many opinions, too much guessing. In fact, I’m quite surprised that George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had room to scuffle because, judging by the sound of the American public’s opinion-piece, there were at least 50 million people there that rainy night, watching the fight closely, if the acuity of their supposed interpretations of the fight is any guide. Everyone knows exactly what happened, the certainty in their voices says this is so.


Too many ideologues, not enough ideas. Too much rampant immaturity. These qualities seem to mar way too many of the urban “Support Trayvon” rallies which frequently seem to involve kids wearing all manners and combinations of hoodies, carrying bags of Skittles and cans of Arizona Iced Tea. This is the most banal event of all time. Garbage in, garbage out. This episode tells us nothing of race relations but everything about the dearth of any real introspection or intelligence in American society. It’s astounding. Have Americans always been this insane?


On the one hand, you have the Holy Blacks whose defense of Trayvon’s sanctity is unassailable by anyone who is remotely melanin-deprived. On the other, you have the Uppity Liberal Whites who would run like chickens at the sight of a young Black kid in their fancy neighborhood while simultaneously defending the same Black kids as oppressed. Too many voices, too many self-serving lies.


Today I found this particularly bizarre photoshop on Facebook which linked to a post at The Political Freakshow.




What if Trayvon and George switched colors (and Trayvon regressed in age, as well?)




The article is a weird mirror-image glimpse into a hypothetical bizarro world in which Trayvon Martin is White and George Zimmerman, Black. The writer lays out a long narrative in which the racial roles are reversed and after much detailed deconstruction of this imaginary world’s behavior, of course the self-congratulatory Liberal perspective informs us that the outcome would have been much different because Blacks and Whites are held to such radically different standards, legally and behaviorally. I found one passage curious and I believe, from the author’s perspective, inadvertently revealing.


“If Trayvon Martin had been white and George Zimmerman black, this would not have become a national story. If they had reported it at all…”


Hmm, perhaps this is true, but not for the normally ignorant and contrived culturally monolithic reasons we might think. It would not become a national story because it’s not that novel. Blacks kill Whites all the time. It’s not newsworthy!


Besides, the hypothetical question, “What if George Zimmerman had been Black and Trayvon Martin, White?” is easily solved by anyone who isn’t hypnotized by the Culture of Groupthink that permeates modern American discourse. The answer is damn simple. If that hypothetical situation was true, none of this would have happened. Neither party would have crossed each other’s path that night. First of all, the last thing a Black George Zimmerman would be doing is voluntarily patrolling his neighborhood in order to “keep it safe.” Secondly, the White Trayvon Martin would be at home, doing homework or studying for a test.


Next stupid question!