Shoot a dog in Hawthorne, all hell breaks loose. Shoot a black man, the echo chamber barks back at you.

I’ve been down this road.

See, I like animals. I really like dogs. I grew up with dogs. I’ve cried over dogs, in front of people. Dogs have a special spot in my life. I was gearing to be a veterinarian once upon a time but Chemistry was my downfall. Got it? I like animals.

But animals are not human. Animals do not enjoy human rights, and they should not enjoy privileged human concerns, either. The hierarchical importance of humans is so immutable that even the lowest, scum-sucking, defiled, evil man is still innately more valuable than the greatest police- or rescue-dog in the world.

Animals are a layer of life below us. They do not deserve our cruelty, but on the other hand, they do not deserve our deification, either. This is why I hate when religions make a certain animal the centerpiece of their stupid dogma. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. I’ll eat whatever I want, said the disciple of Socially Extinct.

Something is very wrong with the soul of a culture that values the life of animals above humans.

This is what Western society has become. Hindus and Jews and Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists have their niches, and now modern man has created his new religion of animal worship. Let’s call it Urbanism. It’s mostly urban people who live in cinder blocks and iron towers who worship the animal more than anyone. Those who wallow in concrete filth and amid the din of human overpopulation are the ones who deify animals at the exclusion of humans. I can easily envisage a fictional situation in which a well-to-do Industry hipster, strolling through the backhole shitpiles of Hollywood, encounters a situation in which a dog and a homeless man are both in danger of losing their lives for (fill in the imaginary and far-fetched situation). Most people would save the dog over the homeless man. I’m sure of it! SWPL/Liberal types pride themselves on open-minded non-prejudicial thinking, but they forget that they are absolutely prejudiced against humans because they favor animal life.

The Urbanists would argue that some animal life is more valuable than some human life. The Urbanist will lazily and apathetically tolerate the most abject treatment of humans but perk up when an animal suffers. Because animal life is more valuable, in their eyes. Which makes the case of the Hawthorne, California, police department’s killing of a Rottweiler earlier this week very interesting to me. Personally, I’m repulsed by the police behavior in the respect they created a situation they should have been manly enough to ignore, but it seems lots of police”men” are now a little too bitchy thin-skinned and they don’t take kindly to the verbal street abuse their predecessors warded off with masculine aplomb.

The dog owner in this video was acting stupid. This is a given. He was acting out like an immature teenager but this is how most of the testosterone junkies in the hood act. Music blaring, walking your dog, taking videos of a police situation that doesn’t seem extraordinary. Business as usual. He was being a clown and the cops should have ignored him. But the cops acted weak and reactive. As you can see in this video (WARNING: this is NOT a sanitized version…it is very violent and graphic), the cops lost their aplomb, and shot the dog, killing it.

The uproar has been immense. I’ve never seen so many SWPL types bash the police in unison. No one cared that the black dude in the gray shirt, the owner of the dog, was shaken down for no reason at all. NO FUCKING REASON other than playing loud music in his car and walking around the police perimeter with a camera phone. If, as the cops claim, he was interfering with the crime scene, why did they wait until he went back to his car to approach? If he was strategically impeding police work, shouldn’t they have arrested him on the spot instead of letting him roam around in his Walking The Dog style?

Still, nothing prepared me for the backlash from the cultured Urbanist community in the wake of this incident in Hawthorne. If they shot the black man, we wouldn’t have heard a peep as most of the coffee-sippers would be too busy with their smartphones to care that the cops savagely and senselessly shot an innocent man. But they shot a dog. Oh my. The righteous cacophony is deafening.

It’s gotten so bad, the officers involved in the dog altercation have been pulled from duty after receiving death threats. This is what it takes to wake people up from their complacent slumber

Three police officers involved in the controversial shooting of a dog in Hawthorne have been pulled from street duty after receiving numerous death threats.
They’ve been assigned to duties within the station after they and their families were threatened, Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain told the Daily Breeze.

The Urbanists show their true color when one of their “own” gets shot. Perhaps we can convince all of them that the Feds are trying to poison canned dog and cat food. I bet we would finally see the righteous uprising this country is crying for.