Zimmerman, Martin, and all their trashy offerings. It’s not about race, it’s about the mediocrity of American culture.

I’m surprised but I have no one to blame but myself.

This is not the trial of the century. It is the trash collection of the century. It is the fruition of Jerry Springer garbage coming to life real time right in front of our eyes, illustriously roosting.

This Daily Mail story detailing opening days of the Florida trial of George Zimmerman, who is accused in the murder of 7-11 aficionado, Treyvon Martin, is brimming with wonderful photographs snagged from some of the early intellectually self-flagellant characters partaking in the courtroom drama.

The first thing that I note when reading about these people and their courtroom antics is that they represent a side of life that scares the hell out of me. Not because of its direct impact on my life, but for what it portends for American society in the days and decades to come. This trial is an ensemble cast of cagey characters and Hometown Buffet-level detritus of society, and the most ironic thing is…they are the harbingers of a new era in racial evolution. We, the developed, First World country that puts men on the moon and dissembles the quantum physics of the obfuscatory subatomic world, is being led into the cultural chaos of a vast, nationally televised, Jerry Spring sideshow. replete with the most distasteful and stone-cold dense uncritical mass of subhuman ineptitude to be gathered in a single courtroom in ages.

Apparently we are looking to this trial, and especially its outcome, for an answer, for a token gesture…of what, I don’t know. Is it train wreck curiosity? Is there perhaps a social cue to be gleaned for the coming ages from the proverbial ramblings of illiterate but well-manicured children acting like children, and big-busted South American gyrations on the witness stand? I believe that as a dull-minded culture, we are fascinated by the wood-staged antics of trashy people who happened to be in the vicinity of a really trashy American event that signifies nothing, absolutely nothing, about this country other than its dearth of anything remotely redeeming.

This country will collapse, but it’s not the country’s fault. Let’s blame human nature which is squeezed into unrealistic balls of congealed lassitude that bring ignorance and cognitive malaise to the People in governmental sanctioned doses of hypnotic marching orders.

The Zimmerman trial is ultimately revealing about our character, but not for the black/white fissures some seek. It is revealing for that which it lacks.

Hell with it all. Bring me the popcorn. I want to see the bloodstained windows.