The Asian parakeets

I have an acquaintance who talks about a Japanese cousin who maintains that a predominant “sensitivity” to alcohol in Japanese people is indicative of their racial superiority. Now, I’ve never spoken with this person, so I’m not clear about the chain of reasoning leading to this conclusion. Racial superiority, by its very definition, informs us of that which makes a race stronger in physique and intellect, and all other qualifications that make it more fit to breed. If a substance or trigger has a harsher effect on your biology than that of other races, I don’t think of this as a “superior” trait.

Still, there are many Asian supremacists but most of them would never qualify themselves as such, but they are. In fact, the thinking that leads you to believe alcohol intolerance infers you are superior strikes me as a little dubious if you attribute the nonsense to race.

Perhaps Asians are the superior race. They sure present all the indications of a race of people that has its shit together, no matter where it proliferates. Modern Asian culture resounds with antiquity. In obvious levels of temperance, I think there is little doubt their genetic lineage is “purer” than that of many of its modern Western compatriots who have colonized and conquered exotic racial societies ad nauseam for centuries. In this respect, the “Asian race” might display the less soiled and polluted of cultures. However, the Asian persona has also proven to be the most ferociously sycophantic and adaptable, and in many cases, willingly, at the expense of a solid ethnic diaspora identity.

In 21st Century parlance, Asians are the “parakeets of civilization.” Asians assume exogenous identities most fulsomely, and in many cases, transform these domestic identities into strains of excellence that leave the conquered in awe. The downside of this is that as Asians ingratiate themselves into our Western culture, they embody its dystopian unraveling in smoldering fits of comical and dismaying flurries of Western discombobulation.

As Western culture becomes rushed and manic and clouded with blind ambition, the Tiger Mother spreads her wings. Life is an all-out mad dash for something, but no one really knows what it is other than money, money, and money. But everything that bequeaths money are the tools which are the currency of our surrender. The prototypical Asian psyche is serene. Zen Buddhism, the epicenter of that undiluted (ie, ego void) state of non-attaining movement, is now practicing “Mad Western Capitalist Culture” and the Asian parakeet is flying suicidally into its caged walls. If Asians were truly smart, they would not join the Western consumerist pit of despair, but it’s too late, for they assimilate foreign compulsions as efficiently as they do its materialistic values.

I bring this up because I saw the perfect “street allegory” involving an Asian driver in Monterey Park, California,. The subject in question was a rushed driver in a white Kia Spectra who dashed out from an intersection ahead of me. The driver, stuck just short of a gas station driveway, continued edging up impatiently while the pick-up in front of it moved as far as physically possible. Finally realizing that no further impatient nudging would serve to open up space, the Kia driver desperately mounted the curb/sidewalk with all the self-assurance of a 4-wheel drive off-road vehicle and rushed into the gas station only to discover that Kia’s are equipped with driver’s side gas caps!

The driver reversed curtly before coasting, bewildered, into the next pump aisle. The light turned green and I moved on, but I wondered what became of this forlornly impatient driver.

This is the parakeet American Asians have become. Rushed, impatient, indulging in bits of self-destruction in order to move ahead, and after the dust has settled, still flabbergasted. This is American culture. It is capitalism. We rush to please the man. We do whatever it takes to jump up a spot. To get a head-start. We are confronted with a string of obstacles which were our own doing to begin with.

Yes, life is grand, but fill her up now! Fill my bank account with money and my resume with bullshit. I’ll walk all over your back if I have to. I’ll take every shortcut.