The Paint-by-Numbers Whites vs. the Paint-by-Impulse Mexicans

Does no one realize Mexicans are not Western-minded humanity?

We are truly aliens. We flood the civilized Western world and lug with us the attendant foreign value system that clashes with that of our hosts. Mexicans do not have a European or materialist attitude. We don’t concern ourselves with conformity or assimilation. We are assuredly not Asian. We don’t act White and don’t even pretend to be anything close. We don’t worship or idolize WASP culture.

We don’t care about college or living in smart neighborhoods or eating at peer-approved SWPL eateries. We just do what we do, which is Mexican shit.

So a lot of anti-immigrant voices harp incessantly about the ill-fitting Mexican intruders and appear completely flabbergasted that they simply will not mimic angelic American culture, which of course is the only way and the right way. Conservatives lack such imagination. Mexicans fail to play the American game and some folks ascribe it to inability when it fact, it’s mostly indifference. But the typical American xenophobic consumerist cannot fathom that anyone would not prefer their aspirations, so it’s easier and more pleasing to claim their value system is a hierarchical scale of desire when in fact, Mexicans don’t give a crap about the scale of desire. Mexicans are self-encased. and living just hundreds of miles from their mothership homeland, it’s easy to maintain this esoteric value system.

Mexicans will never assimilate in the United States.

They will never value education, they will never eat at Panera, or buy Mini Coopers. Mexicans don’t do this, they are not White. That’s what Asians are for. Asians serve to help White people assume a sense of superiority.

When the WASP sense of entitlement and superiority is rejected, it’s surely the fault of the “rejecters.”

In the link above, Steve Sailer did nail one facet of the Mexican personality well: those who marry outside the ethnicity are usually more apt to eschew the Mexican mentality and embrace American culture, and thus, are more likely to adopt WASP value systems. Nevertheless, there are many Mexicans who have not jumped bail and remain tethered to their history. These are the ones who will remain forever “illegal” in mind and such a pain in the ass of social pain-by-numbers Whites.