When demagogues attack (the Ariel Castro case); beware the opinionistas.

Every once in a while an incident/crime/spectacle lands on the American or global landscape that is of such an abhorrent nature that it immediately begs opinion, though in reality, it is flagrantly objective in nature. The strange, very strange, case of Ariel Castro and his imprisonment of the 3 girls-to-women for 10 years (it is now acknowledged by law enforcement that he was the sole perpetrator after it was concluded his 2 brothers were not involved in the abductions). The events are unquestionably horrible. For anyone to attempt a permutation or interpretation of the incidents reeks of desperation, barring major mind-boggling developments, which of course, is always possible. For instance, I believe there was some level of Stockholm Syndrome at play in Castro’s house. This obviously only reinforces the case against him, it does not disqualify his culpability in the name of politics as some are attempting.

There is a tendency on the part of many idealists to embroider repugnant events of human misbehavior with their own ideology even though the neutral mind can tell there is nothing remotely connected between said ideology and the events in question.

Let’s just consider the obvious observation that Ariel Castro was a sick, but clever, fuck. He managed to procure and sustain a harem of 3 sex slaves in plain sight for 10 years. His vile nature is a very simple supposition and I don’t think it speaks to a large 2013 sociocultural phenomena. If anyone delights in searching for the proverbial social needle in the haystack of collective society, it is me, but really, there is little to be accomplished in turning this sad story into a thesis on why my beliefs are right and your’s are bad.

The girls are home, families are reunited, and a depraved man awaits judgment. I firmly believe this case is not as cut and dried as the media would have us believe, but I don’t believe this gives desperate opinionistas the right to resort to demagoguery about it.