The maniacal as the antidote to Western capitalist robotism

Dedicated to aspiring teen guitarists everywhere

Dreams are only dreams. Dreams spawn laziness, and in that gruesome self-swallowing cycle, laziness itself spawns groundless fantasy.

How serious are you about your dream(s)? Just how badly do you want it?

Enough that you are willing to wildly make them real?

Everyone has dreams, but only a few (very few), are maniacal about their dreams. This is what separates the normal, 9-5er who entertains a private world of dreamy what-ifs off the clock from the person who maniacally tackles his dreams.

Do you want the dream to serve you?
You must be a maniac, then.

You must be maniacal about the Dream.

A maniac! You must live and breathe this dream and be content and resolved to spending 10,000 hours perfecting your personal vision.

Be a maniac to set yourself apart.

Don’t think of it in terms of “rising above.” That is not the direction to take if you wish to pursue a maniacal vision that will engorge your dream with substance. You want to “rise apart.” You want to be outside the stream, not above it. Western man thinks in terms of “above” in his simple-minded single-dimensional cadence that conceptualizes success in measures of vertical planar isolation. It is this simplistic notion of success that turns most people away from the maniacal drive to be great at something.

Be a maniac to prove to yourself that you are great in your undertaking. Maniacs choose fields and hobbies that are not classically portrayed as the traditional groundwork of “material success” that our culture congregates around.

Most people are not maniacs, and they are definitely not maniacal. Sorry, no one is maniacal about being an accountant or a schoolteacher or a plumber. Hell, people are mostly not maniacal about being doctors. The maniacal are those people who choose that path outside the accepted loop. This defines the Maniac.

People are afraid of being maniacal about anything because they want a comfortable stable job, a comfortable stable family, a comfortable stable house. They are groomed to desire the comfortable peer-approved life and all its trappings of materialism and titles. But they are not maniacal, they are merely devoted to this rote role of societal fulfillment as bestowed by generations of perpetual expectations. You do not need to be maniacal in order to be a hamster or a lemming. College, job interviews and dating are institutionalized reactive and unspectacular tools that do the job for you without the slightest need to be maniacal. The mundane is driven off by the maniacal. Most of us are robots and we do not dream for it is not sensible. Sensible consumerist American life is anti-maniacal.

To set yourself apart, you must be a maniac. Don’t buy the materialist capitalist bondage spell that pummels your spirit with the notion that your worth is denoted by the $ symbol. That is garbage.

Be a relentless maniac and baffle the traditionalists with your outlandish diligence in perfecting a habit they cannot fathom from behind their prim American perspective.

Be maniacal about something, anything. Even stupid blogging, if you must!

The maniacal drive helps trivialize your conventional ambitions, which is the perfect state for their storage, because ultimately, they are trivial because they are only default “goals” society ascribes in the absence of mania.