Dr. Francis Gross, Face of Death: A post accidentally killed….

Well, it finally happened.
I was screwing around on my blog dashboard, battling the Spam Invasion whereby in the span of time it takes me to delete 5 spam, 3 more fill its place. Scrolling around, clicking, removing, I went to the area I thought were my drafts and I saw “Dr. Francis Gross…” and assuming it was a draft I no longer needed, I deleted it. I’m not sure at what point I realized this was not “just” a draft, but it was too late…by then I had deleted my entire Dr. Gross post.

Panic. When you delete a post on your blog, it is gone. Gone. So my supremely witty post from Tuesday morning was no longer. And it can never return.

Anyways, the post is dead forever. To attempt to recreate it at this point would be an exercise in futility.

Let me explain the gist of the post.

I was happily delighting in the fact that Faces of Death, that revolting piece of snuff video masquerading as a serious documentary and graced by the presence of Dr. Francis Gross, the narrator and alleged pathologist, a figure who legitimized this voyeuristic farce, was now appearing in the Netflix line-up of instant viewable downloads on Xbox Live! It was a flashback, and as I recall, I said that watching Faces of Death now was not the same…something was missing. It reminded me of going back to your elementary school as an adult and experiencing that same sense of disconnected familiarity.

I wrote, “Dr. Gross. Was he a pathologist? A scientist? Insane? Who knows” Wasn’t quite like the original post, but you know, a certain blogger had to go on a deletion binge.

It could have been worse. I could have deleted one of my wiser, 1000+ word “materpieces”…I deleted one of my shorter posts that really didn’t matter much. On to Dr. Gross!

Lesson learned?
Yes, always back up your posts and save them to hard drive. Beginning now.