Viva la Hispanic hotel housekeeper!

Day 2, Saturday morning. We stayed at a relatively nice hotel about 30 minutes from Indio. Pricey, but its proximity to Coachella Valley’s music festival was worth it. This is wonderful when you leave the park at 1 in the morning. You just want to get into bed quickly. Allergies struck my son and me on Friday night and made our sleep hell. We awoke groggily but climbed out of our beds and got ready to leave. We decided to run up the street to buy some Claritin from a local pharmacy. As I left, I hung the “Do not disturb” sign on the door but was greeted down the hallway by a Hispanic lady. She asked me in Spanish if the room was ready and I answered in English (as I always do because my Spanish sucks beans) that no, we would be right back. She smiled pleasantly and continued her duties. We were back within 20 minutes and took our dosage. Prepared one last time before heading off to another 90+ degree day and dust. As we left, I saw the lady again, and I told her the room was ready and we smiled at each other.

These Hispanic hotel housekeepers. Love them. They are so demure and friendly and honest. This is why corporate America loves them, too. I’ve touched on this before. Hispanic women are the perfect auspicious storm of worker bee for hotel chains looking to minimize costs while maintaining efficiency and reputation. These women don’t ask for much and work their big brown asses off. And they are trustworthy as hell. I don’t worry at all about leaving a room full of my possessions to their vacuums and feather dusters.

The Black labor base, which is one of the primary theoretical pools for such jobs, are not represented in hotel staffs because everyone knows they will rip off guest items and are whiny and lazy. I stayed in Orlando a few years ago and much of the help was Black, but of the Caribbean variety. The other option are the Whiesians, who can generally be trusted and will work hard, but this comes at a price. Whiesians are too status-oriented and materialistic to be seen doing menial shit like cleaning hotel rooms, plus they’ll whine constantly about the chemicals and dirty work conditions.

The Hispanic motel housekeeper epitomizes the dichotomy of “importing” reliable labor at a cost-efficient rate versus using American citizens at inflated, American-level salaries. It seems that Conservatives, when whining about this type of immigrant, want it all. Cheap labor and a monogamous society. How can this happen?