Introduction to the WHIESIAN. A new American race. (Oh, and modern electronic capitalism)

In advance of future postings I shall make on this blog, I herewith announce a new American racial category, and which I shall cite in the course of my rambling thoughts.

I will call this new American racial category the Whiesian. It is a term denoting that tired White and Asian mix in a non-specific, but finely ground coffee bean manner.

In America, these two racial categories have melded into one large, simmering pot of cross-cultural sycophancy. Whites dote that for once they are overtly idolized; Asians, that they are honorary members of the Anglo Guild and all its socially inflated xxxxxxxxxxx.

Urban Whites and Asians are now, as of 2013, indistinguishable (culturally).

They share the same egotistical nomenclature. They are similarly defined by status-driven affectations and nuances. Actually, there is no nuance involved. They just want what the other wants. Whites, through weakness, Asians, through opportunism. It’s a sick dynamic and most 2nd or 3rd Generation Asians have so indoctrinated American mentality that they ceased becoming Japanese or Chinese long ago; they are now Whiesians. The Perfect blend of mutually parasitic races. Each relishes the flesh of the other. This is the penultimate elitist club for it benefits no one except the consumerist devotee of modern electronic capitalism.

I introduce to you, the Whiesian!