Why not Miguel or Jose? Is “Jean Ervin” a Mexican who escaped the racial bucket?? (ie, the George Zimmerman syndrome)

All criminal charges against Jean Soriano have been dropped. Turns out new evidence reveals he was not driving the car which rear-ended the van.

Criminal charges were dropped Wednesday against a teenager accused in a drunk driving crash that killed five members of a southern California family after investigators determined he was not driving the vehicle.
Jean Soriano, 18, was accused of being behind the wheel of a Dodge Durango that rear-ended a van on Interstate 15 on March 30.
But DNA evidence from blood in the vehicle and a footprint showed that the SUV that rammed into the rear of the family’s van was not driven by Soriano, attorney Frank Cofer told the L.A. Times.

My apologies to Soriano and his family. I still think he has a funny name.
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This crap truly exhausts my humanity.

On Saturday, an 18-year-old drunk driver, Jean Ervin Soriano, rear-ended a van carrying family members returning from a trip to Utah where they had visited a dying relative. Five passengers in the van were killed when they were sent toppling off the road. Police responding to the scene found bottles of beer in the suspect’s Dodge Durango. He admitted that he had “too many” Budweisers. He was arrested, and is being held at Clark County detention center in Nevada in lieu of $3.5 million bail.

This might have been a normal, run-of-the-mill drunk driving story involving the run-of-the-mill underage drunk driver, and I didn’t pay much attention to it even though a bunch of innocent people were killed horrifically by this scumbag. I don’t pipe in about incidents like this because my own personal history disqualifies me from strong judgments. I could have been this guy, many, many times over. As pilots say when an airplane (not their own) crashes, “But for the grace of God…”

Nope. What drew my ire most was that the suspect, 18-year-old, “Jean Ervin Soriano,” had been arrested previously. He was serving time at one of those negligible jails reserved for minors who the law doesn’t know quite how to deal with (popularly known as “juvenile detention facilities”). And due to the fact he was a minor at the time of his arrest, records of that arrest are sealed.

So on March 1, Soriano, who was a guest at the Youth Guidance Center in Santa Ana, California, not far from the happiest place on Earth, simply walked away from the low security facility. No hesitancy or doubts present. Some minors know too much.

Orange County law enforcement did not issue a warrant until a week later, on March 8. Jean Ervin was not heard from again until March 30 when he allegedly killed 5 people.

Orange County officials are now scrambling to save face but the damage is done.
They let someone get away, a prisoner, even if we don’t want to call him that, or worse, treat him as one.
OC was slow to respond or notice his absence, and their “oversight” resulted in the deaths of 5 innocent people.

And why in the world is this guy named “Jean Ervin?”
He looks more Mexican than me.

I sure hope he wasn’t one of those Mexican-American offspring named after AA basketball players.

This is the lowest form of idolatry Mexicans can sink to. Mexicans who have lost such measures of ethnic identify that they choose to emulate basketball players doom their children to deadly excursions, like this. When the penultimate form of honor they can fork out to their lineage involves naming children after a basketball player is akin to throwing in the assimilation towel.

Whatever happened to Jose or Miguel?
We can do so much better when we stop trying to be.