The microaggression crybabies, dykes and assorted other ninnies must be subdued. A case for macroaggression.

Do not go gentle in that good night

“Night” is the pitch darkness remaining in the void of a devolving humanity lacking impetuous individuality, a humanity in which uprising and caustic disobedience is swept away by the din of “microaggression” crybabies. When man loses his boldness and individuality, he wails and cries and laments every injurious scorn this life offers and which he struggles to whitewash behind a featureless facade lacking natural nuance after being planed clean by the oppressive scrubbing in the name of solidarity. Solidarity, in modern parlance, is the formation of timid herds of subhuman ninnies seeking to form a power structure by erecting linked lattices composed of their frail skeletons across the vast distances of this unpleasant world.

The ninnies collectively form a wall of judgement and refutation of elemental human nature.

The ninnies are the microaggression crybabies who have embarked on a grand scheme of social engineering whereby all behavior and speech that can be construed as the slightest bit unfavorable or offensive to at least one person is thus marginalized by layers of self-righteous scorn.

Ah, but the only way to fight aggressive weakness is to pound it to death with aggressive strength. I proclaim a new movement of macroaggression in which men and women defiantly state loudly, rudely, and unashamedly that which is on their mind in clear disregard of other’s feelings. The macroaggressors realize that a successful culture is built upon members possessed of strong character; weak character, however, breeds a brittle culture that will implode if allowed to propagate. The macroaggressors understand that the most natural method of strengthening human character is through infliction of suffering, and this can be accomplished by unleashing a flood of furious and humbling judgments and criticism against every man, woman and child in the interest of “building up” society, not bringing it down and softening it for the final collapse.

The microaggression crybabies, if allowed to mold society, will transform humanity into a tremulous, skittish and dickless mass of meek inhabitants which will cave at the first appearance of hardship.

The macroaggressors must be bold and obvious without being unduly confrontational merely for the sake of argument. Macroaggresors must never shy away from expressing what is on their mind, even if doing so will result in passive/aggressive alienation and ostracism at the hands of “enlightened” people. The macroaggressor is working with the “big picture” in mind, and in his small self-sacrifice which will result from his calling a spade a spade, there is the solace that he is setting the palate for future generations of people of internal strength and stoicism, qualities that will perish quietly if the microaggression crybabies triumph.

I for one will not be guilty of microaggression; I will be guilty of macroaggression. I will strive to be offensive, politically incorrect, harsh, biting, and embarrassing. If need be, I will cuss, call you racial and physical epithetts…for it is time to make a stand. The future of our culture will either be a mush heap of chickenshit platitudes, or it will be armored against the trivialities of interpersonal judgments.

The time to fight is now.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

The microaggression crybabies are working hard to put out the light. The torch of rude defiance must be carried forward!