Kapooya! Black expressionism rocks, White un-expressionism will rue the day it felt nothing but money

White people got nothing.

They express themselves in uptight, prim, and proper notions of respectable behavior.

White people are pridefully restrained, and this results in a diminishing of emotion, and hence, creativity and spontaneity. Leave it to Black people to truly express the emotional experience in such glaring, trashy terms.

A White person, in this situation, would have dwelt on the size of the hailstones and the damage they did. This is a White reaction to unusual events. Even a little HBD, perhaps. Examine events objectively and clinically, but ultimately, describe nothing. White people are concerned about the future of civilization and structural integrity and IQs.

White culture is blanched. They have no “life.” They don’t laugh and they don’t experience because all they do is rush around like blind, mad chickens. Anxiety and competition has rendered them isolated and numb. Sure, they shape civilization, but ultimately, what good is civilization when its inhabitants are materialistic zombies?

So what?

Aunt Jemimah here expresses the pure sensuality of feeling and vivid feedback