The empress has new clothes and I have seething contempt

Sometimes, I wonder if she can sense my seething contempt.

I keep my cards very close to my chest. It’s hard to know what I’m thinking, but my distaste for her is so strong that I believe I can barely contain all outward traces of my disdain. Funny that it’s not her that I loathe. I loathe her “type.” There is a difference.

Another time, another situation, another life, and I might not dislike and distrust her so much. However, this life is all I have to judge her by, and she disgusts me.

She just marches in with a malevolent mission. I sure as hell don’t know what her qualifications are. In fact, what exactly does it require of a person to be an “efficiency expert?” How do you make money by being an officious burden? How much bullshit can you stack and dress up and manipulate into palatable and marketable drivel to the point that people will begin to think your BS is really useful? It’s hypnotism of the stupid.

I will give efficiency experts this: they talk a good game and sell garbage which imbecilic management is buying. Most companies seem to be staffed by management that has a lot of hollow, aimless knowledge. They learn nothing useful in business school or in their countless workshops. They learn idiocy aplenty, but nothing about the fine art of instinct, or how to focus their intelligence toward a holistic understanding of their environment and its inhabitants. So they venture forth and have no idea how to run things and they default to “seek a specialist” mode in which they enlist the services of a litany of experts who know even less.

I’m sure my contempt is visible. She is no fool and I think she’s been around the block quite a few times. She is a nice, middle-aged lady, acts very friendly with all, but I think she is a snake, and even if she is not, she is. She has been hired by my division to come and and retool the way we have been working for years. It was never perfect, but then, what is? Surely not her and her marching orders which seek to standardize everything but which only serve to mangle and complicate the system with the blinding ease of those who callously foist over-simplification in order to implement their business school stupidity.

My contempt is seething and I’m sure she knows I think she is full of shit. I see it in her muffled restraint when we are alone together.

I see what she’s doing but most idiots in the company are so deluded that they buy the spiel that she will make everyone’s life easier by streamlining the way the company works. People will be held accountable! The promises are profuse, they pour out like retarded spittle. People want their job to be easier because everyone is damned lazy. They gobble up the efficiency lie like hungry little lechers. Little do they realize that “easy” comes at a price. If your job is made “easier,” it means you have just been rendered expendable. Or at least, too expensive a burden when contrasted with the oily Indian in sandals who will do your job for a fraction of what you get paid.

I see what she’s doing and she knows it.

The empress has new clothes, can’t anyone else put down their own vat of short-sighted self-absorption long enough to see what she’s up to? This wretch comes to work and dares to sell us on the promise of making our jobs easier, but beyond that, she is merely a minion bidding the company’s disinterested carnal lust of narrowing the bottom line. The investors don’t care about her new clothes.