Sergey Brin, seeing reality in his Google Glasses. Maybe men will finally see it.


Granted, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is in the throes of a marketing blitz for the upcoming and much a-buzzed-about Google Glass. It’s understandable he will say anything in his heated technotard excitement, but as with people drunk on the elixir of blended ethanol, he is prone to publicly observing what he believes to be the unpopular truth, and I agree with the man completely.


And as with most people who speak too much and too loudly behind the shield of booze, Brin’s sober pointed comments have elicited horrified (and mummified) reactions from the technotards who enjoy gadgets such as smartphones.




“But now people get information by turning away from the other people they are with. Is this the way you’re meant to interact with other people? Is the future of connection just people walking around hunched up, looking down, rubbing a featureless piece of glass? It’s kind of emasculating. Is this what you’re meant to do with your body? You want something that will free your eye.”




Sergey quipped quite honestly. He was charmingly oblivious to the contention he would provoke deferring to a mighty trigger word that alienates the fairer sex. Better yet, his comments not only triggered anger, they triggered oodles of “confusion” on the part of many writers. The “confusion” aspect that many attribute to Brin’s comments is merely the reluctance slash denial many technotards/SWPLs are experiencing in the face of confronting a truth one of their own has illuminated. One of their own said something they don’t agree with. It must be due to the fact English is not his first language! Brin is a bright Russian guy who says what he means. Don’t let it fool you. Russian dudes are the greatest. I’ve known a few Russian immigrants and I can conclusively say that they are the male breath of fresh air American guys need pay attention to.


Funny. When I rail about smartphones and their demeaning nature for men, no on cares. Smartphones are the anti-man. They make men act like women. Averse to confrontation and acknowledgement and life. They are the ultimate gender “equalizer” and must be stopped! When I see a woman walking through a crowd with her face glued to a screen, it makes sense. When I see a man do the same, I behold a beast who is now a poodle in a sweater.


Yet, when Brin transgresses, everyone listens. This is the difference between a cultural trendsetter and a Google employee. Wipe that irony off your face…


Relief may be on the horizon. Either a relief, or a war. Something will unfold from Google Glass, a cultural revolution. I predict it here.


Anyway, the confusion does not concern the meat of Brin’s comments, it is that Brin said things people know is repulsively true.


Smartphones have given women a new MO with which to ensconce themselves deeper into their own world. Women love to be clamored after, this is their evolutionary feast. The female is sought after, and all subsequent cultural manifestations of this legacy signify the female impetus. Anything women can procure to segregate their existence from men only reaffirms their evolutionary role. Smartphones are the latest technical innovation that preserves female alienation. In fact, I would argue that most technological innovation is exactly this: a tool of female alienation. The washing machine was step one.


I argue that Sergey knows exactly what is going on. When I first learned of Google Glass, I was intrigued for it represented, to me, a cultural murmur, the stirrings, of a movement that might re-masculinize society. Women have to look up once again. They don’t have the option of using downcast eyes to avoid you. Once again they will sit straight and stare into the distance, beyond your shoulder, like the good old days. Old guys, remember when you couldn’t tell if the girl was looking at you? Unlike the smartphone distraction era when you could tell she definitely wasn’t, the Google Glass now relives antiquity.







The acuity of Sergey’s comments are responsible for the backlash. It’s not permissible to point out the patently obvious but superficially invisible in today’s world.


Luckily he doesn’t work for Socially Extinct.