Angry black man yells at SWPL parking thief!

This is a real LOL video of an incident that occurred yesterday on one of our local hilly Hollywood streets that feed into Runyon Canyon, a popular SWPLish spot for various breeds of fit Angelenos to hike/jog/walk. Like many streets in Los Angeles, parking is a suicidal commodity.

The verbal altercation, between a resident and a faceless parking spot thief (with his wife or girlfriend in tow) seems to have begun when the (presumed) White guy cut in front of the Black (not presumed) guy to nab a street parking spot which the brotha had been waiting for.

I will say, in all fairness, SWPL types in their Prius’ and Mini Coopers tend to be mannerly drivers albeit slightly clueless and dim. A lot of SWPL drivers tend to get wrapped up in their own little world; what seems to be casual disregard is merely lack of awareness on their part. I’m talking about sharing the city with them in general, not just parking. I’m sure the Black dude in this video has a valid point but I think he overreacted considering the ludicrous nature of the situation. If I was in his shoes, my reaction would probably be to merely flip off the driver and yell something snide like “thanks asshole, I was waiting for that spot!” through my open window.

The offending parker, Ryan Taalbi, of Santa Monica (that says it all), did his best to reason with the LBM (loony black man) and even finally agreed to move his car in order to quell the escalating situation, but not before his female companion called the LAPD, which, incidentally probably arrived posthaste once she told them there was a black man yelling at them.

SWPLs provoke a lot of ire just for what they are. They are annoying, smug and self-righteous. I suspect LBM was unloading a cathartic backlog of antagonism compiled after months of small, minute incidents like this which he experienced at the hands of the numerous SWPL zombies cluttering this beautiful town.