F**K Mindy McCready’s dog

We live in a really sick society. We treat people like crap, but we worship animals. We are so blinded to this behavior that we don’t realize just how deranged we look and sound.

So Mindy McCready kills herself just a month after her boyfriend, David Wilson, similarly killed himself [On edit: Wilson’s cause of death has not been conclusively determined as suicide; he did die of bullet wounds on the porch where McCready killed herself, however]. They leave 2 children behind, 1, the son of Wilson and McCready, orphaned. Wilson and McCready damned at least one child to a harrowing life that will require utmost care and delicacy in order to prevent a generational lineage that is in danger of playing itself out like a typical Country-Western ballad of misery and dissolution.

But we care about the dog.

Why Did Mindy McCready Shoot Her Dog?

The dog, the dog. Why did she kill the dog?

A human tragedy unfolds and we preoccupy ourselves with the dog. There are two young boys in foster care. Left alone by not just one, but two, incidents of parental self-inflicted violence. This is the worst tragedy imaginable…but we care about the dog.

McCready endured a living hell and obviously was unable to cope with her life’s sorrow. The moments leading to her suicide, the fear of losing her children, is one of the most depressing stories of our day. But that dog…

However, as the article comforts, McCready killed the dog out of the kindness of her tormented, suicidal heart. When there is no human succor to be found, we find solace in animals because we are unable to be human.

“Mindy really loved her dog and that would not have been an act of malice at all,” a pal told Fox News. “It would have been more of a case where she just didn’t want to leave the dog alone.”
Dr. John Draper, the Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, agrees that such an act had nothing to do with the pet’s behavior.
“One thing is for sure is that she was obviously feeling very close to her pet and that this wasn’t an act of hostility with her pet,” he tells omg!. “It was probably more a statement of her close identification with her pet… I think what is often seen in these kinds of murder suicides is not just so much taking them with me as wanting to end the suffering for anybody or anything that you love that might suffer.”

So the dog, according to some people, was spared a lifetime of “masterless” limbo but the children, well, hey, who needs parents when you have the dog pound?