Cameron Russell, supermodel, wants to wipe your ass

I don’t resort to T&A very often.

They say this is important for driving blog traffic. I suppose if this is what I valued, I’d be posting more risque jpegs than old men sitting alone in the Tundra wilderness.

That said, check out Cameron Russel., a supermodel at that. In all her full-sized jpeg glory

Cameron recently gave a short talk for TED which was posted on CNN today. TED Talks are a communal meeting of the intellectual and philanthropist minds and allows prominent figures in disparate media industries the opportunity to speak their minds in a frank and revealing manner and with the august legitimacy of the involved contributions of recognized leaders of society.

In Cameron’s TED talk, she rapidly displays a humbling awareness of the cosmetic “presentation” implicit to the act of her walking out to the stage in a striking and jaw-dropping sexy ensemble. She is wearing a very short dress and super high spiky heels. She jokes nervously as she slips into a long, wrap-around skirt, sweater, and a boner-numbing pair of flats. As she “downsizes” her sexuality, she states frankly, “I’d also note that I’m quite privileged to transform what you think of me in a very brief 10 seconds; not everyone gets to to that.” So here you have this striking supermodel acknowledging that she can have the upper hand whenever she pleases, but for now, she is voluntarily “slumming” it to join the commoners (us). She sets the tone of her talk by climbing down from her media-enhanced ivory towers. She will commit to this public conversation while being careful to present herself in the plainest manner.

A few more hesitant stutters. Her voice is shaky, not powerful or booming.
The image of a woman who has earned respect visually only.

“Image is powerful, but also, image is superficial. I just transformed what you thought of me in 6 seconds.”

OK, I see where this is going. The typical overly-rewarded cultural icon who has nothing to offer other than mindless quips and a gluttonous presentation for the eyes. And in some ways, Russell fulfills the show-biz-enabled aristocratic vibe by speaking of how life would absolutely suck if she had to be one of us.

She speaks from her elitist throne but downplays it in a suitably liberal fashion so as to not be responsible for what she was lucky to be.

Something about her talk made me realize the girl truly does understand, behind that left-wing, socially responsible veneer, that life is simply not fair. She faces this fact in her most sheltered, catwalk ironic manner. She even refers to this terminology which was was quite charming.

“…and of course, barring surgery, or the fake tan I got 2 days ago for work, there’s very little we can do to transform how we look. And how we look, though it is superficial and immutable, has a huge impact on our lives. So for today, me being fearless means me being honest, and I am on this stage because I’m a model, I’m on this stage because I’m a pretty white woman.”

OK, here Russell lapses into the White Guilt trip.
I’m only here because Fate smiled on me and I was one of society’s chosen ones. I’m white and female!

Despite the sophomoric splendor of this pretty girl, I was still cognitively smitten. Despite her predictable sublimation, I found something in her talk I respected, or at least assumed she earned.

But then, just short of 3 minutes, Russell gets into the nitty gritty. She starts speaking the truth.

Someone sent her a question. How do you become a model?

The simplest of questions but laden with fantasy and delusion. How do you become a King, how do you rule civilization, how do you master over societies? This is what people stupidly want to know.

Our girl answers:

“The real way that I became a model is…I won a genetic lottery. And I’m the recipient of a legacy. Some of you are wondering what is a legacy. Well, for the past few centuries we have defined beauty not just as health and youth and symmetry that we are biologically programmed to admire, but also as tall slender figures but femininity as sand white skin and this is a legacy that was built for me and a legacy I’ve been cashing out on.”

OK, the chick is now starting to wear thin with her egalitarian self-consciousness.

She is reciting some weird shit that sounds like it was conjured in her father’s Nazi basement. It’s been sanitized for the liberals. She is speaking in code. She is proclaiming quietly in our ears what supermodels think of everyone.

Models are merely indicative of the the female super race that runs this world. Hot chicks dictate how their boyfriends and married corporate lovers behave.

She spews out some stuff about runway models being “non-white.”
Whatever, Cameron! Who cares what race supermodels are. This had nothing to do with us normal people.

If Cameron really cared, she wouldn’t be helping malnourished children continents away, she would be digging into the domestic trenches and helping little girls to realize dreams better than being super models.

I enjoyed Cameron’s presentation. At least she faced the implicit unfairness of superficial human behavior. She won me over when she talked about the stupidity men display in the face of female beauty which is really nothing but Alpha dominant behavior. Alpha men choose women who rule over Beta men.

This is the law of the land. If Beta men were the only Alpha victims, all would be grand on this world. But Beta men are not next in line; it’s the stupid-ass girlfriends of the equally stupid-ass Alpha men.

Speaking of stupid ass Alpha men, Russell touched on them. Talking about the perks of being a beautiful girl:

“The free stuff that I in life is what we don’t like to talk about. I grew up in Cambridge. One time I went into a store and I forgot my money and they gave me the dress for free.

When I was a teenager. I was driving with my friend and she was an awful driver. We ran a red and she got pulled over. All it took was a “sorry officer” and we were on our way.”

I tip a hat to Cameron and I don’t know how much of what she said is heart felt, but at least she acknowledge some hard truths about appearance and gender reactions. I’ve personally been in the car with “sexy” inebriated women who the police (LA Pico Rivera Sheriff) let go with a smile and flaccid admonishment of “drive safetly now”…the same police who woulda callled in the LASD airship just to deal with my obedient arrest if it had been me.

Ultimately, Cameron is just rubbing it in our face.

This spiel is the biggest bold-faced display of liberal guilt ever, but throwing in the gender quotient in for good measure, Steven Jewberg couldn’t have done any better. Oh, woe is me. I feel for you downtrodden souls. I don’t know your plight, but I can act like maybe I can guess, or care!