I’m The Ultimate Multitasking Fool, but the bitches are up my ass

A RL (real life) notation.

I’m the weird kind of guy who runs my life in a haphazard sloppy fashion which drives most people crazy, especially women. Women have that evolutionary instinct which tells them that everything must unfold predictably, linearly and buckled down in easily understood batches of compartmentalized information. Most women are not really adept at multitasking for this reason. Women believe each task must be complete before tackling the next.

Most women I know hate being bombarded by data, by info, by emails, that they must dissemble on a moment’s notice. This is what multitasking is, and the next chick I hear who argues women are superior multitaskers will hear it from me.

So anyways, I run my life like the ultimate multitasking fool. I’m all over the place. I have well-placed concurrent shit going on constantly, a real horror show of disparate streams.

I run my life like this and it pisses the absolute hell out of most women, including my mother, who, after 48 years, just shuts up.

Women who haven’t known me as long are always up my ass. They are always preaching and stressing and turning red (seriously!) around me.

Women are always ready to throw me in the dumpster because I don’t appear to have my shit in order.

But ultimately, I get my shit done. I just do it my own way (as Frank once said). I don’t play that feminine panic game. They love to fashion grandiose displays of “action” when doing everything. Stoicism, what’s that??

I do shit as I know how and no one can understand it.