It’s not about the guns, stupid. It’s about ignoring the psychotic maelstrom.

We have a gun problem in this country, but it’s not about guns, it’s about that which guns represent and our cultural misreading of their role.

Gun control has mutated into a random, red herring cluster-fuck of opinions, beliefs, and knee-jerk assumptions and this morass of arguments and ideological conflicts has clouded the issue, namely, the intrinsic American significance of “guns.”

Most Gun Rights nuts I know don’t even own guns. They are country-club, urban conservatives whose firearm expertise is defined by their ability to subject themselves to the perpetual parade of Dirty Harry sequels and Ann Coulter drivel. Many of them brag of supporting the Second Amendment over their dead bodies, yet have never shot a weapon in their life, or at the very least, don’t even have a gun permit.

Now, I’m not accusing these folks of being hypocrites, because I believe they are essentially following their values. They simply don’t know it.

Personally, I don’t give a crap about guns. Guns are more trouble than they are worth. Guns are like children and cars. Everyone has them, but very few know exactly how to manage them in a healthy, adult, civilized manner. I don’t understand the gun fetish. I’ve been to the shooting range a few times and it was “fun” in the respect that the awesome power imbued in the firearm is an astounding testament to mechanics. This is something I can appreciate. However, after my time at the shooting range was up, I left quite contentedly and didn’t think of guns again.

Do you realize the point of gun rights? Do you see what it’s really about?

It’s not the guns that people defend maniacally.

Guns are the singular item we have a right to own in this country that truly poses an equalizing threat to the wild-abandon oligarchical tendencies of our “rulers.” This is guns!

Gun nuts are fond of saying an armed citizenry is a vital ingredient to keeping our government in check. I call BS. Do you think a tyrannical government intent on forcing its rule on the citizenry, especially in this high-tech age, would be deterred by a bunch of people running around with handguns and rifles? If you have the vast and advanced American military arsenal in your corner, dictatorship is yours for the taking. NRA types can proclaim how mighty they are with all their weapons until they are hoarse, but they can never pose a deterrent counterbalance to the might of the U.S. military. Witness Waco, Ruby Ridge…true patriots will always be swatted down by the Feds.

Gun nuts are delusional.

Guns are only a tool that represents governmental acknowledgment of our illusory rights. And we accept these rights implicitly. It’s a mutual lie. They let us believe we have some power and we, in turn, act as if we possess it. The practice of the American government assuring us we have the right to own guns is in effect its cynical way of telling us that we can continue pretending because they will not call us out.

It’s a game.

The day the American government abandons this lie and stops humoring the patronizing gun ownership illusion is the day they feel free to abuse their power.

This is what gun nuts are fighting for. This is what I’m fighting for.

In this respect, we must have, and maintain the right to own guns. We can’t turn every massacre into another nail in our civil autonomy.

By the same token, we must not allow them to frame the argument in the face of every tragedy. Dead children suck, sick men suck, but a dictatorship will kill more children than any American psycho can ever dream of.