I have an interesting story.
It’s the God’s honest truth. Really.

It’s based on a true story. True! Actual events! The character’s identities have been kept anonymous to protect their sanity. Or at least one of them. The other is already insane. Straddling the maw of madness. One foot in, one out out. Not pleasant.

They dated. They were an interesting and strangely complementary couple. They had many differences, but lurking in their union was an oblique spiritual glue which bound them so tightly that most couldn’t understand because to see the bond was ultimately to be extraneous to it. The bond was like a very strong adhesive that works optimally in very small amounts. To experience it as the man and woman did would have required one to be a part of it, which of course was impossible since only the two shared it. Part of the precious union for two which no one else could experience, and thus understand, least of all the man and woman themselves! They were frequently puzzled by their own inexplicable attraction to the other, but they stopped questioning it after a while and just enjoyed it, but as all good things do, they must come to pass.

Whether in death or through the clumsy maneuvers of human machinations, all good things perish ignobly.

Everything the man and woman did that was part of their relationship made up a sum parcel of their union. When they were together, it was zero sum. They both brought just enough, and never too little, to the relationship and it always fit masterfully into the truncated, singular cohesive ONE that was their intermingled union. Never more, never less. It was just them in totality.

But all good things must pass.

Their good thing began to pass because people will be people. Love of the purest, highest, order deserves better vessels than our egotistical, stubborn and ignorant physical bodies can provide. We do not serve love well.

One night, the man had an unusually vivid (for him) dream in which the woman was stroking his face and whispering that he was the sweetest person she had ever known. The dream emanated such warmth and closeness that when he woke up, he still felt the bliss of the moment the two shared in the dream. He felt happy. He wondered if she had had a similar dream.

The next day, it turned out she had in fact dreamed the night before as well. Unfortunately, her dream was disconcerting for it was the disturbing return of an old dream she had in their early years of courtship in which she dreamed of him, but in the dream, he was not really him, but a previous boyfriend she’d had years previous. After they overcame doubts and insecurities of the young relationship, she begin having the dreams but now the man turned out to be in fact her present boyfriend, not the past one who symbolized doubt. She interpreted this to signify that the insecurities were gone. But insecurities had returned, and on this night when he was dreaming of their intimate moment, she was having the old insecure dream again in which he was actually her old boyfriend. She was chilled and bothered at the subconscious omen.

Even in dreams of death, they dreamed the yin and yang complementary scenes of the other, creating a single shared dream of dissolution.

All great things must perish because we are people. All we create is destined to follow the fate of our mortal bodies.