Black Dawn


Frightening stuff. I suspect Whiskey rushed straight to his Word Press composition screen just moments after awaking from one of those scurrilous WASPy paranoid fever dreams. Titled “Will Obama Stage a Self-Coup?” he embarks on a legitimate litany of the many Barackian downfalls, weaknesses and sinister backstories. If the article was confined to simply pointing out the garish legacy Obama has begun cementing in time for his ultimate departure from the Oval Office (I don’t believe this will happen until 2016, no thanks to Mitt Romney), I would tend to nod completely in concurrence with Whiskey’s sordid laundry list of Shit To Loath About Obama’s Presidency. Unfortunately, Whiskey fast forwards a few hasty chapters and makes an outrageous postulation that, due to its sheer unlikelihood and insanity, tends to diminish the excellent facts he brought up previous to his bombshell. Namely, that Obama, if soundly defeated in November, will not calmly accept defeat. And in fact, his actions during the first term have laid the groundwork for a coup of the United States government, because, among other things, Michelle Obama won’t tolerate a loss of Presidential power. This is the problem with anti-Obama conservatives. They go so far out on their strange little limbs making farcical claims, that they end up repudiating the true dirt on Obama because of distracting conspiratorial paranoia.


Essentially, Whiskey details the many suspect associations and practices of #44 in a thorough and linked manner, but then wanders into right-wing racist fantasyland. For instance, he begins confidently and Tolstoy-like with the grand statement: “Barack Obama is unlike any other President.”


Uh yeah, the first thing I thought is…he’s Black! However Whiskey proceeds to detail all the supposedly unique things about Obama which are just a template and combined personality sketch of every damn President to lay in the Presidential Bedroom. Furthermore, he brings up all the typical Presidential historic distastefulness and proceeds to accuse of Obama of being “unique” in this regard, and hence, possessed of ulterior, anti-American motives. The template reads like a who’s who of Presidential arcana.


-The psychopathic obsession to power and its maintenance.

-The externally imposed sequestered nature of Presidents.

-The sinister machinations, associations, and inauspicious power plays that make observers wonder what they are “really up to.”

-The overbearing [fill in the blank] who uses their position in the Presidential inner circle to influence the President in evil directions.

-The destructive vanity of the President and his enablers which is easily construed as dictatorial and endgame-focused with utter disregard for the Constitution.

-And last, but not least, the questionable and evil associations they maintain with minion holdovers from younger political days of Presidential aspiration.


Whiskey’s Obama allegations describe the archetypal nature of any man who would choose to run for President of the United States of America. And infers that in Obama’s special case (because he’s Black) that he will turn ghetto on the highest American office and that he and his Chicago cronies will pull a flash mob on our Bill of Rights.


I don’t see that Obama is so special. He is just another Presidential representative/installation of the oligarchs. He never would have reached office without the Old American elite traditional Anglo power guard. The “corporatization” of our lifestyle and civic landscape in this country has dulled politics terribly. Politics are no longer unique or vibrant, and the characters, reagardless of the “R” or the “D” in front of their names, are the same regurgitated capitalist puppets whose ultimate voter is dollars and ego.


I find it difficult to believe that Obama’s post-Presidential life will suffer or be less than monetarily and personally lucrative. So many Presidents leave office with a trail of legally questionable detritus behind but they are given a pass because our society is hesitant to treat a man who wore the title “Commander-In-Chief” as anything vaguely resembling a criminal. Obama will be fine. The impending loss of the Oval Office occupancy simply means he will be able to get on with his spectacuarly ill-deserved acclaim a little sooner. This is when President’s make their real money. This is the payback period for the ones who played it well. Barack has greased big business palms quite well during his first 4 years in office. He’s in good shape. He’s got the unofficial Presidential “pension” to look forward to.


I can’t imagine Whiskey’s ostensibly fictional, plot-outline-ish treatise was meant as anything less than satire…or preparation for a Hollywood script. All good right-wingers wet themselves over Red Dawn back in the 80’s and would love another tale of patriotic American uprisings against evildoers.


Who would be the new Patrick Swayze?


Perhaps the Obama-coup script can be called “Black Dawn.”