Stereotypes, female psychopathy and a Los Angeles heat wave

As a “targeted” minority, the worst thing to live down is the continued perpetuation of stereotypes by stereotypical members of your group. Stereotypes are diffuse truths which only fools attempt to argue against. Stereotypes are collective observations that are whittled into truisms that everyone accept but rarely acknowledge in polite society.

In this “polite society,” stereotypes are considered racist and demeaning despite their conspicuous validity. It’s a collective self-delusion that society refutes stereotypes. Stereotypes do not arise in a vacuum. The problem with stereotypes is that they are frequently unflattering, and even if they can be construed as complimentary, popular culture still manages to manipulate them into less than favorable renditions of the group in question. For instance, Asian studiousness, which on the surface is commendable, is sill denigrated in mainstream culture.

As a person of Mexican descent, the stereotypes that trail me around are formidable. I use the word “targeted” because my ethnic group is the focal point of an abundant number of stereotypes, nearly all of which are very unflattering. I frequently find that I live my life in a manner where I find I try to absolve myself and my ethnic cohorts of the standard stereotypical images. Sadly, it’s never enough because examples abound daily in the news and in the media that reinforce the stereotypical image of Mexicans. For every personal habit I work to illustrate that “not all Mexicans are like that,” another 20 incidents wash across our screens that tell non-Mexicans, “yup, just doing what a Mexican does.” It is hopeless. Mexicans continue to perpetuate stereotypes by their catastrophically typical behaviors and actions. It’s a massive tide of ingrained ethnic behavior that will not be dispelled any time soon. You can count on my people to do some ridiculous shit that cements the perceptions the general public has of Mexicans.

For instance in the ongoing, relentless parade to demonstrate that Mexicans are unable to break their mold, there is a local story here in Los Angeles that does a tremendous job of perpetuating Mexican stereotypes. It is a veritable treasure trove of stereotypes that the typical bigot, and non-bigot alike, will shake a head at. This story, for the racist, is like shooting Mexican fish in a barrel.

It involves an 18-year-old “woman” by the name of Arely Amaya who decided to run down the street to do some shopping last Saturday afternoon. As with most of the country, we have been experiencing a severe heat wave. Temperatures have hovered in the 90-110 degree range and the air is stagnant. Amaya took her 2 children shopping with her, a 1-year-old boy and a 2-week-old girl. She decided to go into the store, but for some inexplicable reason, left them behind in the hot car. Apparently she left them strapped in their child restraint seats but was at least lucid enough to crack the windows open. That helps a lot when it’s 95 degrees and the air flow is stalled. It was about 12:30 in the afternoon which is when the heat begins to settle in and any traces of overnight cooling are completely dissipated. Luckily, a passerby noticed the children strapped in their car seats and quickly alerted authorities. Time is of the essence in such situations because heat and body temperature in such extreme situations can rise quickly causing sudden damage due to the exponentially increasing rapidity of ballooning temps.

Pete Mejia, a Los Angeles Sheriff Department Deputy, was first on the scene and was able to reach in through the open windows and unlock the doors. The children were ushered to the air conditioned squad car while deputies awaited the owner’s return. They estimate the children had been in the car about 20-25 minutes and Mejia described the children as “hot and moist to the touch.” They were taken to a local hospital and reported in good condition. The person who returned to the car to find the police waiting was Arely Amaya. She was promptly arrested and booked on suspicion of child endangerment and was being held in lieu of $105,000 bail.

The stereotypes that bleed from this incident are too steep to surmount. I’m even astounded at the depths of this girls’s vapid ignorance. Don’t people pay attention to the news and endless PSA’s warning about this type of thing for both children and pets?

Oh, wait…no.

Some people, certain “types,” live so deeply cloistered in their own bubbles that they never think about this stuff. In fact, this is just common sense. Nobody should have to tell you how dangerous the heat can be to a 2-week-old baby locked in a car on a stifling day. Leaving the windows open is merely a vague gesture of half-assed ignorance that highlights the mentally impoverished nature of Ayala’s actions. I would not say she is inherently evil; but she has been molded into an evil minion by virtue of her environment and culture.

Upon reading this story, I began formulating an image, a character profile, of this girl. In essence, I began filling in my own stereotypical data based on the story. This is what I concluded:

An 18-year-old Mexican mother of 2 very young children, one who is already a year old, means she began having sex at 16. She is probably a very attractive, self-absorbed girl whose proudest achievement is the copious amount of Alpha male attention she garners. Undoubtedly all this male attention is from Hispanic gangsters or striving gangsters. She values her manicure and Facebook hoochie persona above all. She gives lip service to all those things she is expected to. She is a young, adulated and worshiped female who commands inner city male Alpha attention and thus manifests all the outward behaviors of a female psychopath. There is little redeeming value she offers to society other than her vivacious body. She proves that sexy, ghetto Latina’s are the worst sort of “situational/transient” psychopaths because their ultimate goals are so shortsighted and superficial. Such women do not strive for the typical White girl aims of independence, education and HGTV-driven materialism. Such ghetto queens’ only ambitions are to have more children and to have a good time. That’s all they live for and if they are hot enough to command Alpha male attention, they are unbeatable. For now. In a few years and a few children, the looks start to fade, the self-assurance dwindles, and the transient psychopathy loses its grip. The mentality required to do what she did means her self-absorption is pathological and even destructive when the lives of others are at stake. She is the type to walk around living in her smart phone’s fond popularity glow and she hasn’t the slightest clue what is going on her environment if it does not concern the matter of her wonderful hotness.

This was the character summary I constructed based on secondary facts. I decided to do some Facebook research and found a profile which might very well belong to Amaya. I’m about 99% certain it is her’s based on several items, many of which are grueling in their stereotypical nature. The photo points completely to the character sketch I wrote. She is extremely attractive, is ensconced in the Hispanic urban culture which seems the precursor to many of her actions. I won’t post any of the Facebook grahpics here because my goal is to speak of the “bigger picture” here, of stereotypes and female psychopathy. Amaya is just one of many and fortunately, the story did not end tragically other than the damage to her criminal record. One can hope this only serves to snap her out of her insular little reverie of ghetto royalty.

Indeed, the most ironic of her photos is one of her carefully manicured nails with the letters “YOLO” painted individually across 4 fingernails which is internet shorthand for “you only live once” and she apparently doesn’t mind tempting the conclusion of this fate when it comes to her children.