Xboxicide goes Live with a Halo match on a Friday night

It was bound to happen eventually.

How much longer could I continue this “Xboxicide” bit up without venturing out into the wild world of live play?

Xbox pretty much brought the concept to the fore amongst popular game consoles and even now it has the market cornered when it comes to live play. Throw in a headset and Xbox Live offers much more than just games…you can form online parties and watch movies together (from the online version of Netflix) or just shoot the breeze about things which young geeks like to talk about…all with complete strangers, all connected by this strange little hard drive game-playing gadget that is the pathway into an online game world, courtesy of Microsoft.

Once you’ve played a round of competitive, lively Live play, everything else just doesn’t seem as intriguing. Playing local (not Live, against the game disk or other people in your living room) doesn’t seem to offer the same sense of pizazz. I could be mistaken about that…I don’t claim to be the king of Xbox or anything approaching “expert” level…I suppose the true gamer, the hard core type, finds satisfaction in any type of play environment.

So last Friday, —- and I squared off not against each other, but against any of the nameless thousands who populate the Xbox Live sphere on a Friday night. We played Halo 3, arguably one of the best Live games to choose from. Great fun ensued (14 minutes of it)!

Part 1:

Part 2, the continuation and conclusion of this debacle, will be posted later. And here it is, the thrilling conclusion: