Intelligence is the anti-aphrodisiac


I had occasion recently to overhear a 40-something blonde lady who is pretty well-established in her career tell someone of a recent trip she took to the Central California coast. She relayed how she took a sightseeing tour of the Hearst Castle, the extravagant estate where newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst uttered the word “rosebud” before dying. (OK, not really, but… )


So anyways, this lady was standing in an adjacent area while I bought some crap from a vending machine. She was telling the other person proudly of how she went to the “Hertz Castle.”


As in the car rental company.


William Randolph might have spun in his grave. I can’t say for sure.


The “Hertz Castle?” Ugh. She was dead serious. She was so proud of her trip there, to the Hertz Castle. As I said, she has a successful career, but this only proves something that the most jaded and non-jaded among us realize at a very young age: intelligence and success often have absolutely no correlation. None whatsoever. This can be a very embittering epiphany for those of us who believe in all our egotistical hearts that our intelligence, our gift, is severely unrewarded so that the idiots of the world can find the extra space to prosper at our expense. Yes. Life is tough. It’s not pleasing witnessing morons, idiots, imbeciles, potato-heads, etc, dramatically succeed in the stupidity matrix of modern commercial America, the land of the stupid. The Hertz Castle.


This exchange and ensuing psychic fallout reminded me of a frequent hypothetical posed in the Roissysphere. Are women turned on by intelligence? Will intelligence make them spread their legs? The resounding answer across the cynical Roissysphere is NO. Women are not generally moved by intelligence. I agree. Many of the commentariat are careful and reasonable in also qualifying this opinion against the varying degrees of intelligence. In the case of extreme intelligence, women may actually be scared off by such intelligent men because unusual intelligence frequently funnels itself into oddball behavior which is one of the strongest chick deterrents. The one thing a man can do to send women scurrying to the exits is to act unusual or erratic; to display actions which do not flow within the stream of common male behavior patterns. Regardless of what else a guy has going for him, if he can’t just act “normal,” women will kiss him off, and quickly. I suspect this is a psycho-evolutionary remnant in which self-protection becomes paramount for the female coping in a physically dangerous world where she is threatened by men who act erratically, for this typically signals there may be tendencies to violence. Unfortunately, many very intelligent men happen to display these alienating behaviors; women are not frightened of great intelligence as they are of the concomitant unusual behavior patterns of intelligent men. Extremely intelligent men seem to find it difficult to simply act “normal.”


I really don’t believe superior intelligence was, or is, an evolutionary prize. Sufficient intelligence graced by a powerful physique is the trigger that beckons female primal instincts. Physical power, hence, masculine presentation and synonymous masculine facial structure are the evolutionary triggers that stir the female loins. Sufficient intelligence which can hitch along for the ride while the muscles and brawn take over. Most women respect and defer to great intelligence, but respect and deference are not the idealizations of lust. That’s the kind of crap women feel for their father or grandfather. You don’t want a woman’s respect. It’s useless to you and to them. Respect is some mealy-mouthed thinly veiled honorable way for her to tell you she doesn’t find you sexy. If a woman calls you sir, forget it. Women don’t care about intelligence insofar as its aphrodisiac qualities, which are nil, are concerned.


The bar is set tremendously low. People get along just fine with rudimentary intelligence, at best, and in fact, often prosper in spite of it. The Hertz Castle lady I mentioned…she easily brings home a 6-figure salary and she is well-respected in her professional circle. In fact I would not even call her dumb or unintelligent. She is simply not a stellar mind. Her emails, as proxy indicators, definitely tell the story of average intelligence. Her success is not that surprising, for she is not alone. The inverse correlation between intelligence and material wealth is a standard ratio to be witnessed across the land. Lack of intelligence manages quite well in this society, thank you. There are a select few whose standard of living and monetary well-being are contingent upon true intelligence. Lawyers, doctors, STEM workers, engineers…these are some people whose intelligence is capable of elevating them higher up the socioeconomic sphere. Many of these men draw women due to their economic promise, not their intelligence. Intelligence is a breadwinner for these people but it is not what makes them alluring to the female character.


The way I see it, women want one thing: physical power. They are drawn primitively to physical might, and all the associated physiognomies that exude from such a physique. We are civilized and like to tell ourselves we are complex and discerning in order to keep pace with our modernization, and to an extent, we’ve convinced ourselves of this. Women in this modern world of technology and mechanization no longer rely on the brute strength of men to fend off the elements, and they’ve deconstructed their filtering mating mechanism to include security of the non-physical sort, the security of comfort and conspicuous possessions and the dueling of social competitions with other females. At the heart of it all, old primal drives still victor, and women are the experts at subverting natural instincts. They say they want all the trappings of civilization but civilization does nothing except feed their ego. They reward the physical, not the intellectual. Because they can.