The Positivity Pornographer

It eluded me at first.

OneSTDV’s ambivalent farewell to Ferdinand Bardamu (who has sadly hung up his In Mala Fide gloves) slyly mutated into a manifesto announcing a collective attitude I will term “Positivity Porn” which is frankly a play on a phrase OneSTDV alluded to in his farewell as “despair porn.” OneSTDV describes despair porn as the tendency of certain voices (ubiquitous in much of this blogosphere) to indulge in cathartic dirges of negativity and pessimism for their own sake without offering any alternatives or dreams of different worlds. OneSTDV’s IMF farewell was wrought with love/hate grayness, and while seemingly trouncing the outlook that Bardamu and his ilk share as hopeless, self-defeating, and non-productive, was still cautious and certain to laud IMF’s polemics. It was rather tangled and I can’t absolutely pin an opinion on OneSDTV by courtesy of his farewell to IMF post. Like, dislike, what, I do not know. This is the trademark of a Positivity Pornographer. An ambivalence which wrecks legitimate caution.

A trademark of the Positivity Pornographer is this self-enclosing sense of ambivalence. For the Positivity Pornographer does in fact see clearly and is aware of our human hopelessness. The Positivity Pornographer is frightened of the seedy underbelly of that from which he springs and instead finds solace and ignorance in proclaiming the wonderful avenues of possibility and enjoys categorizing futile dreams of auspicious human escape. He spouts solutions and idyllic avenues of consummation, but instilled in all his aspirations for mankind is the sinking and undeniable expectation that everything will, can, and does, blow up, because anything man creates is marred by his ego and selfishness.

The Positivity Pornographer is religious and conservative. These are the predominant traits most likely to imbue Man with the expectations of fairy tale endings. The Positivity Pornographer finds succor in human communion and is likely to tolerate Disney movies because they bear out the type of fantasies he never learned were manipulative tools implemented on him in order to subvert his dangerous hostilities. And they worked. So the Positivity Pornographer continues to decry those who rebut as “negativists” but in reality, he is resorting to the playground ploy of “Jimmy won’t come out and play!” Those who refuse to play, or at the very least, refuse to swallow the mass marketed vision of Utopia, are not playing the Positivity Pornographer’s game. The Positivity Pornographer is offended. He is aghast that one could so shamelessly refute the teachings of his Church of Everlasting Human Hope. The Positivity Pornographer hangs on his church’s scripture with a tenacious grip and turns sullen and assumes the holier-than-thou persona when other’s doubt or cynicism blankets the folly of his hopeful outlook.

The Positivity Pornographer is more dangerous than the Despair Pornographer because in his drive to see light in everything, he blinds himself to the darkness and the unseen because he is a man of faith in the light of his perceptions which will illuminate the way, and his refusal to appreciate man’s beastly nature allows it to flourish. Only the Despair Pornographer is watching and paying attention while simultaneously being mocked by the Positivity Pornographer for his “pessimism.”

Incidentally, the Despair Pornographer, as envisioned by OneSDTV, is not sad or pessimistic as he is painted. The Despair Pornographer has attained a state of acceptance and non-denial. His motives for pointing out the unsavory nature of man’s civilization is not to wallow in despair. It is to illuminate and perhaps to wake up at least one Positivity Pornographer from his state of manic hypnotism. The Positivity Pornographer’s optimism is so tenuous that anyone who entertains any contradicting notions of reality is pegged as destructive. When in fact, the Despair Pornographer does not seek destruction as much as he seeks escape. But those who run society are predominantly Positivity Pornographers because this is fruitful for those in power. There are many Positivity Pornographers who are essentially powerless but they are slaves to the Positivity Pornographer’s outlook. Positivity Pornographers have structured a world that prevents escape, and in fact, showers you with smart obligations and economic commitments. They have created a society in which success and progress are defined in narrow bands of acceptance and the hold of the Positivity Porn paradigm condemns all who seek alternatives and brands the naysayers as a doomsayers.

This is what the Positivity Pornographer does not comprehend. To abstain is not to despair.