Every day we cry a little to save our sanity

There are times insanity spirals in a rapidly descending plume like a blinding maelstrom.
In this modern age, we frequently don’t know where the insanity ends, where it begins, or if it’s even justified in announcing an existence.

You think you might have made sense of something, perhaps ironed out its baffling nature. You think you’ve discovered an iota of clarity, a smudge of logical justice, but the maelstrom suddenly spins in like a tornado and rips your sanity away.

The pod people are everywhere but they can’t be found. They are nowhere to be unearthed, but each time you try to dissemble latent insanity, you embark on scurrying dark souls as if you overturned a rock in a shady garden.

Insanity springs forth from the last vestige of clarity you thought you had.

The evil of insanity is that it feasts parasitically upon sanity and manipulates it into an amorphous teeming blob of confusion and apprehension.

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor…

Today I heard an appropriate joke, a hilarious joke, which I thought is a comical blueprint of the plummeting spiral of madness that lures you deeper into the oppression of the wave of clarity’s facade.

I heard it at work and the delivery was impeccable. I will do it little justice in the blog medium.

The director of a mental ward was asked by 3 long-term patients to grant them weekend leaves. The director was hesitant, considering the rather lengthy period of intractable insanity the patients had displayed. “OK, well I want each of you to show me your ability to display sane behavior, if even for a short time. I’ll grant you weekend leave if you can prove to me your sanity on command.” He turns to patient 1. “What is 3 times 3?” The patient looks incredulous at the simplicity of the question. “Why, 138!” he exclaims. The director shakes his head, and turns to patient 2. “OK, your turn. What is 3 times 3?” Patient 2, looking smugly impressed at himself, barks in a confident tone, “Why, it’s Wednesday!” Once again, the director shakes his head and utters a “tsk-tsk” condemnation. Finally, he turns to patient 3. “OK, now you. Can you tell me what 3 times 3 is?” Patient 3’s face brightens and he stands up proudly. “It’s 9!” he answers. The director is flabbergasted. He cannot believe one of the patients answered correctly. “Wow! You’re correct…I’m so surprised. How did you know this?” The patient shrugs and answers obviously, “Well, I took 138 and divided it by Wednesday!”

The downward spiral of insanity. How do we stay afloat?

Poor Bad Luck Brian.