Our hollow avocations

I’m convinced Lev Yilmaz is my alter ego. Or should it be vice versa? Does it depend on who has more cred that determines how you describe the active/passive partition of the dynamic? If so, then I would have to say then that I am Yilmaz’ alter ego. I submit to his greatness! All disgusting sycophancy aside, the dude has an approach to life that I embrace. His disdain and cynicism of social culture and its maze-like descending delusions mirror my own hall of horrors.

I saw this video for the first time last night. It appears to be about 5 months old. Titled “I Am Sick Of This,” it is a cynifest laced with cathartic disavowals of pop culture’s zombie expectations and mindless soldiering. “This is how you must act and think. Drink the special Kool-Aid.” Learn to love it.

Yilmaz’ video doesn’t refute the cultural charade. He merely shrinks from it. There is no conquest or revolution written in stone here. Merely relinquishment.

What I extracted from the video is that which I feel strongly about at this moment: the Cult of Awe regarding celebrities. He doesn’t speak of sports, but I feel the dynamic is the same.

Sports and celebrities occupy a useful role in this capitalistically blind culture. Sports and celebrities are distractions and tools of mass hypnotism which divert anger, aggression, frustration, and intolerance away from actual visceral culminations. The fixation on celebrities and their meaningless lives and the deification of athletes/celebrities diffuses the cathartic frustrations that would normally drive the human race batty and subversive. A compliant and mesmerized consumerist populace serves the oligarchs most efficiently. It’s the practice parents use to shut their 3-year-old’s up. Distract, humor, replace distasteful but accurate emotions with inauthentic mental excursions and dead ends.

That’s what all this ridiculous celebrity and athletic worship really is. A dead end. It serves no use, benefits no one except the subjects of our awe, doesn’t put food on our table or a roof over our heads. Yet we devote so much time and energy to propelling it by our comments and empty-minded interest.

It’s our hollow avocation.

This is the greatest asset the media and government elites have. Our hollow avocation. It drains our revolutionary malaise and makes the dangerous civilian force focus on useless garbage rather than where it needs to be focused: elitist’s shenanigans. Their deeds prosper in the shadows.

Score 1 for the oligarchs!

What is Khloe wearing tonight??

Better yet, who is she fucking?? It ain’t me :(