Big Brother State on airplanes

From the department of I Need More Info (INMI) comes this story from MSNBC. It is a short, vague, but intriguing recount from the Southern Hemisphere. A search of Google brings up various hits to the story. Essentially, MSNBC’s story is just regurgitated wire copy that barely recounts the minimalist progression of events while managing to convey a rough narrative lacking meaty details.

SAO PAULO — A Brazilian airline says one of its female pilots tossed a passenger off a flight because he was making sexist comments about women flying planes.
Trip Airlines says in a Tuesday statement the pilot ejected the man before takeoff as he made loud, sexist comments upon learning the pilot was a woman. The jet continued on to the state of Goias after a one-hour delay.
The passenger involved in Friday’s incident has not been identified. He was met by police at the plane and escorted out of the Belo Horizonte airport. Police at the airport have not responded to calls and it isn’t known if the man has been charged with anything.
Trip says it won’t tolerate disparaging remarks made about any of the 1,400 women working for the airline.

In our age of micro-security-management shadowing all airplane flights, it’s not such a feat to be booted from an airplane. The unfortunate culmination of various factors and a perceptive (paranoid) passenger mate can get you pulled off a plane roughly. In addition, the ghetto-run TSA airport barriers and jumpy airline attendants all err on the side of caution to extreme degrees and now the proper etiquette for fliers is essentially to act as if you’re a 10-year-old Sunday schooler. Anything less and you risk immediate disqualification from the passenger list. Don’t act up! Don’t do something stupid.

Still, the way this story is painted, the passenger was being too vocal in his disdain for a female pilot. Funny, I was on a female-piloted plane returning from Orlando once and the thought never occurred to me. I figure any person qualified by a major airline to fly passenger routes must be pretty qualified, right? Even broads? I mean, I made it back, the plane did not crash. It didn’t pull over for a shopping outlet. I think women can be quite adept at flying given that they don’t succumb to the normal female traits which impede their ability to maneuver heavy machinery. In general, female drivers suck a little more than male drivers, and I extrapolate this unskilled trait to flying planes as well. Women are the victims of emotional issues when it comes to driving. Physically and intellectually, they are quite capable. Emotionally…ah. Don’t know. See, with women, their emotions are so strong that they distort the intellect as well. Women are too timid and indecisive and this hurts their ability to drive tons of steel along roads with others steel missiles.

Driving is a two-edged gender sword. Driving requires firm, decisive actions, but on the other hand, men who display such behavior tend to overdo it and the “decisiveness” becomes aggression and recklessness in the wrong, immature hands. Women’s actions on the road, while typically shocking, coincidentally help them avoid more accidents than men. But they are a bigger pain in the ass during the normal commute.

Bottom line, I can’t blame the unidentified South American flier for bashing a female pilot, and perhaps being overly boisterous about it.


Was he threatening? Did he get out of his seat? Was he drunk? Did he disobey flight crew orders?

Most importantly…was he a danger to the flight and passengers? It’s not very difficult to fall into “danger” territory in these touchy times. Does fear of terrorism foreshadow a timidity and hypersensitivity that will eventually whittle away at our freedoms?

I want to say something like, “In the olden days, everyone woulda just laughed at him, he would have sat down, drank some more, and the plane would have taken off (because the male pilot wasn’t told or didn’t give a crap)