A.C.H. I’ve never known…(the battle of A and B)

There is a plateau, a something which can be called an “average concept of happiness” (A.C.H.) in this society. The A.C.H. is an embarrassingly simple idea. Why bother detailing what it is. It is self-explanatory.

As with most population statistical dispersals, the A.C.H. extends along a data curve that is shaped like a bell, and the most common (average) concepts of happiness, as they are observed throughout the human population, if plotted on the curve, would visually congregate at the center of the bell, thus raising the incidence of such concepts to the highest peak of the land since they are shared by so many subjects. As concepts of happiness dwindle in numerical representation, they travel further away from the pinnacle of the bell in a sinking sweep in coincidence with their shrinking representation across the population, and at the far reaches of the curve exist the badlands, the remote waystations, the socially alienated outcasts whose sense of “happiness,” rather than bringing happiness, only brings further estrangement from A.C.H. culture. For not only are you separated from others by the peculiar individuality of your unique concept of happiness, you are also distanced by those A.C.H. that you despise. It’s as if your existence is the antithesis to the bell’s crescendo.

In other words, not only are you excommunicated from the A.C.H. circles by your unusual conceptual happiness triggers, you are also excluded by the active dislike you share of those A.C.H.’s. If A was an A.C.H. and you hated it, you would find that you are further disowned by society as opposed to what you would experience if you merely neutral to A.

I could never understand the predominant series of A.C.H’s. It was always a puzzlement to me. I could never get the hang of it. Even when I was young, my friends liked A. A was “happiness” for everyone but I couldn’t help but really like B, at A’s expense. I always thought A was pointless and boring; B was where the fun was. B was interesting and edgy.

The same dynamic continues to this day. A dominates and defines the modern happiness paradigm but I’m stuck with a strange devotion to B that I will not surrender. No one gives a crap about B. B gets shortchanged. It doesn’t have any admirers or hordes of followers and it suffers by inattention. B is fringe and hard to find and all the followers of A mock those who follow B and act as if they are superior to B-aficionados. Simply because of A’s popularity, which all B followers realize means absolutely nothing. Popularity, in fact, is something to be defeated and refuted. “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public,” we proclaim. It’s a no-win dead-end situation for those who prefer B. If alterations to one’s tastes could help them learn to love A, perhaps there would be hope. But if we are honest with ourselves, we can never like A because it is blatantly stupid. We cannot lower ourselves to that level.

B forever!