Douchebags and creeps


Please observe the exhibit. I’ll add notes after the graphic.







What precipitated this exchange is that a photo of Adam Levine performing on stage was tagged with one of my Facebook friends. She is the one who responds in the first 2 posts. It’s very important to note that this entire Facebook exchange is strictly women. The textual conversation among them is insightful for gives us a glimpse into the female mind during its mysterious consideration of men and their appeal while illuminating how delusional women can be about their own motives and expressions.


Actually, the point I’m seeking to make has nothing to do with Adam Levine or his presumed douchebaggery with the ladies.


Rather, I have discovered that women’s reactions to men are generally knee-jerk in nature and lacking sincere thoughtfulness. I’ve also come to the conclusion that “douchebag” and “creep” are actually two sides of the same coin. Both are concepts women default to instinctively in order to escape clearly enunciating or examining their gut reactions to men. It represents a lazy tendency on the part of women to not “own” their appraisal of men.


I believe douchebag is a derogatory catch-all term women use to “describe” men they would potentially have sex with; creep is a derogatory catch-all term women use to describe men they would not have sex with. Why do women seem groomed in today’s culture to refrain from speaking in glowing terms about a man? Is it some kind of “reverse peer pressure” that prevents them from heaping lavish praise on any man? Even men they like are still called douchebags. Men they call creeps are easier to dismiss.


Women are at liberty to speak effusively of, and gush over, food, celebrities or house furnishings. When it comes to human men, they clam up into “depersonalization” mode by barking out trite reflexive condemnations and since the terms are popular and young women are notoriously lacking creativity, creep and douchebag are currently the generally accepted terms of choice. Usage of these descriptors allows women to avoid dealing with men in real time and on genuinely human terms. Women are the biggest depersonalizers in the gender wars.


A female is more likely to lavish praise on a pasta dish than on a stranger she finds attractive when speaking to her girlfriends. A young woman will personalize food or a dog over a man. Creep and douchebag are the default signalling terms females use to create communion with our females equally unable to relate to men as humans. This is another function of the traditional marriage arrangement. To squeeze nearly non-existent humanity out of women.