Corporations are illegal immigration’s best friend (or vice versa)

Steve Sailer devoted a few posts recently to the tendency of American corporations to stop at nothing in order to continue fueling the perpetuation of undocumented and illegal immigration into the United States. The post’s commenting sequels displayed the understandable inclination to analyze the specific evolving economic and cultural phenomena that corporations instigate in order to maintain the immigration surplus status quo. The points raised by commenters were solid. The mechanics of illegal immigration of Third Worlders into the United States does indeed benefit global corporations. There is no denying such an assertion. I believe the menace is so vast that it transcends the micro-analysis of the economics involved, and in fact, transcends the problem of illegal immigration. Speaking in grand concepts confuses and alienates people. But really, the 21st Century corporation is in fact a grand and confusing concept. Of course it favors unfettered immigration.

The most elemental, basic underpinning of the modern global corporation that we must be mindful of is that such organizations neither respect nor submit to any entity except themselves. In every corporation’s boardroom directive there is the implicit understanding that OUR organization is singularly the “world leader,” or at the very least, the market leader. All actions and expressions expressed as a “member” while on the clock are expected to purely espouse the favored opinion of your organization’s goals and behavior. To state otherwise to be subversive.

Corporations do not align themselves with Republics or Democracies or Regimes or Monarchies. They are aligned only with themselves and their stockholders. Corporations are not jingoistic. They are there to serve one master, and that master is not you or your electoral vote. You are nothing but a seedy pawn whose soul is free to be infiltrated by the corporate lie. The only promise the corporation will make is that you will like their product better than the others (once you pay for it). Advertisement is groomed to elicit your unspoken promise but they can offer nothing more.

Corporations do not care about your quality of life insofar as you are able to sign on the dotted line. The signature is their blood, and their cohorts, the banking institutions, will see to it that the corporations are covered and that signatures have redeemable value. They don’t care if you or your peers are involved in manufacture of the product. They just want you to consume it blindly; the way into every consumer’s heart is with the sticker price.

I work in a corporation where the unspoken goal propounded in all slogans and publicity is a massive, amorphous global consuming culture. They don’t say it in so many words, but that is the implicit goal of global corporations. Corporations know exactly what they need: a genuinely global consumer base. Immigration restriction cements national boundaries instead of dissolving them. Global corporations can only prosper if nationalism is extinguished. I foresee a day in about 200 or 300 years when our planet will be one big never-ending cornucopia of Walmartian shopping aisles, and the equalization of populations across global borders will result in a spectacularly mediocre and homogeneous undifferentiated population, which is the consumer base that corporations can feast off.

So yes, we can detail the micro-analytic social and economic mechanics of why corporations encourage immigration today; this is the how. The why is their map.