Proverbs 14:15, malarkey, and corporate tools

OK, here I go with the work thing once more.
Sometimes I just leave work the hell out of it. Yet, there are times I cannot vent enough about it!

I actually like my job, I like most of the people I work with, but on the other hand, it awards me so much blog material for it allows me to glimpse the abhorrent human condition which is what I enjoy most, maliciously so. I love to write about the wretched human condition, as I see it.

Work is a feast.

There is a manager type from another department who I despise. He was brought in on the coattails of a recent wave of “process improvement” malarkey and he has been involved in a lot of “streamlining” and tidying up way the place runs. He doesn’t know jack about a lot and he appears to have slipped a steady supply of Kool-Aid to his underlings. His department reminds me of a cult. I’ve been in a meeting or two with them and are exactly like Scientologists in the stiff way they sit with their laptop appendages and dull expressions as they type in tandem to their manager’s drivel. The dude is full of crap and I do not like him. He is everything that is wrong with the company and society in general.

The other day, he sent out an email castigating a customer in the most ridiculously public manner. He’s such a tool.

And I find out, in the same email, that he quotes Biblical scripture in his signature. How say you?

Does this mean he is religious? A good Christian, a man of God? Who knows, but who the hell quotes scripture in their work email signature?

Now it falls into place. Something is “off” about the guy, the kind of “off” that you witness in fanatically devout religionists. The cultists. I see people like him in Hollywood walking to their Scientology caves. they are wild-eyed. In the midst of their intensive brainwashing regimen, they forgot how to behave with fallen mortals and their behavior seems autistic and inhuman. Such religious fervor is not unlike Asperger’s. There is a seeming lack of congruence with grounded reality and common affect. This guy is like that. His email, which I won’t detail here, is badly written. Worse than my posts. His spelling and grammar are atrocious. I can’t take him seriously.

And what’s up with this passage?

I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and even as an atheist, it annoys the hell out of me.
If you’re going to quote the Bible, quote the Bible, don’t paraphrase passages into some convenient pop-cultural “sistah” motif. Don’t try to make it palatable to the masses, don’t dumb it down in language or philosophy. This guy’s Proverbs signature does all of the above. If you’re truly religious, why would you blaspheme the word of God?

Naturally, my first inclination was to verify that this was authentic.
The way it was worded sounded anti-Biblical. No one in the Bible spoke like this:

Only a fool believes everything they are told! A prudent person understands the need for proof. (Proverbs 14:15)”

Nah man, I thought. This is BS. Biblical speakers speak in a loftier, more obtuse manner. This is too direct. It sounds like a marketing slogan.

I looked up the Proverb.

I found this site that lists passages and various incarnations of Biblical translations. The bottom line was that this proverb, while echoing my co-worker’s assertion, did not really describe the spirit of the Biblical passage.

The Bible passage I believe came close to truly conveying the meaning of Proverbs 14:15 was in the King James version.

“The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.”

Yes, that is sort of like my co-worker’s signature, but not really.

This is a travesty.

How can anyone justify inserting such an interpretative phrase into their signature and act as if they are citing the word of God, or having us believe they are entertaining the notion that they are ambasaadors of Christianity when they are only spewing nonsense.

I was a Lit major, not a Biblical scholar, but the holes in the correlation between the paraphrased signature version and the King James version are readily apparent. Much is lost in the translation, and I don’t mean just the superficial language.

The spirit is lost.

Why does this guy get away with polluting the Bible in order to justify his own stupid corporate existence? That’s what he’s doing. He using the Bible to lend himself much-needed respectability and honor but he’s only soiled the words of the Bible. If I was a religious man, I would be offended.

I wanted to reply to all on this email and ask him if his signature could also be used to question the existence of God. Alas, I’m chicken. I like my job.