Welcome to the amorphous blob

The question is, to what degree was the wooly mammoth piece pure hyperbole?

Of course, it appeared exaggerated on the surface, and perhaps it was to the extent it was formed to drive home my point. Conversely, much of what I wrote was lavished sincerely as well. The point is that I was trying to not be judgmental about the subject if you can believe this. I’m trying to convey an objective observation about what I see as the evolving social phenomena of our era, and all the eras which have led to this moment in time. The thing that stops me from going completely MRA or misogynist is that my sense of nihilism keeps be grounded and aloof.

To a fault.

I have difficulty considering this snapshot in time (which is my present lifespan) as part of an isolated and independent parcel of reality. I can never shake the knowledge that my life, this span of years that will make up my existence on this planet, has been predated by millions of lifespans, and will most likely be followed by millions more.

This inability to value my life as such a precious commodity that it defines life singularly is one facet of my nihilism and something that prevents me from truly getting down on people or groups of them. In the midst of my complaining and whining, there is a levity and insouciance that dampens much of my doom.

Everything I wrote in my wooly mammoth post is true. It is real. How we wish to react to and treat this knowledge is what differentiates us. Do you let such awareness ruin your life? Do you find amusement in it? Are you an observer or a participant?

Could it have been any different since the dawn of mankind triggered this evolutionary path?

Is this moment we find ourselves in…was it inevitable we would land here?

I believe it was inevitable that we would find ourselves in the year 2012 with gender roles tremendously neutralized and unrecognizable from any distinct concept from our distant evolutionary past. I believe the march of time, given the nature of human sociology and evolution, would have inevitably led us here. It was preordained in our human psyche. We would have arrived at this point regardless. Perhaps some things might have been a tad different in alternate realities, but ultimately, the overall mechanics would be the same.

Our natural human evolutionary inclination is to attain and develop greater levels of intelligence while fomenting astounding leaps in technology which compound upon previous skills and compiled cultural knowledge. The effect is that knowledge and technology increase exponentially over time. Human society becomes increasingly complex and thus, more “advanced” and removed from the harshness of nature. With evolving human intelligence there is the concomitant de-evolution of reliance on physically robustness. The higher, advanced human mind steps in and seeks to accomplish intellectually what used to require brawn and agility by the means of invented machinery and automation. This is what was inevitable. The rapid pace of human technology. With this technology came decreasing reliance on masculine traits such as strength, endurance, courage…the basis of civilization was masculine, but society having hastened the march of technology, slowly dispelled the impetus to rely on masculine values because everything was industrialized and automated and masculinity was replaced by mental innovation. We were separated from our environment gradually. Now seeking to enjoy the environment has become a niche right of the well-to-do. Essentially, all technology insulates us from life. This is not a masculine quality. This is a feminine quality and it was inevitable that technology would usher in the feminine and cast out the masculine.

This is the big, big picture.

The evolution that spanned millions in order to bring humankind to this point in spacetime has now, by virtue of our accelerating intelligence, also served to neutralize the basis for masculinity that still resides in our primal nature.

We can fight the march of social evolution and bemoan the deteriorating state of manhood and marriage and culture, but the truth is that this was all inevitable given the natural course of human evolution.

We are spoiled and will not surrender the high-tech life that also contributes to the extinction of masculinity. Man no longer slays wooly mammoths. Now he slays phone apps and video game rivals. It’s inevitable: man can never retain masculinity for it has been stolen and hushed away by the spoils of modernity. It couldn’t be any other way.

What is demanded of man now was etched long ago in our evolving psyche with its gradually inflating IQ and quest for insulation from the uncomfortable elements of a rough world. This is all invention is. Escape from discomfort. The more we invent, the brighter we become, the more we steer our ingenuity into avenues of physical seclusion and atrophy.

The deeper our daily existence relies on invention and the less it relies on innate strength, the more men and women will continue to blur into one amorphous blob of nondescript inhumanity.