Peacekeeping Men: Wooly Mammoths are history. Women are your next enemy.

Great thoughts from the writers over at Patriactionary the other day while I was recovering from my trip. The article was a biting indictment of the overwrought “Take You Daughters To Work Day” cultural meme that has ingratiated itself with gullible parents in recent years. Patriactionaries joked that perhaps it’s time to have a “take your daughters to the kitchen day” in order to teach them the proper housekeeping duties they were designed for after millions of years of evolution. But no. Women won’t hear of it. Try telling a modern woman her place is in the kitchen. Ha! They like overturning such an incomprehensibly lengthy legacy within the span of…a few decades. The female soul is impatient and short-sighted. She would always rather have it now than later. That’s a woman’s thinking. Instead of refusing however, modern man caves.

One thing that strikes me every time I read about these obsolete gestures of female equality is the unspoken understanding that there are men behind this ruckus! What are men thinking? Take your daughter to work day when then there are more women at work then men? How is this? Take your daughter to work day when the mass media will happily spout this hypnotic illusion itself? The mass media does a good job of indoctrinating girls with an unquestionable right to flourish in the corporate world. What is the use of take your daughter to work day in the year 2012? Modern culture takes care of this for you.

Stay home. Your daughter is in good hands.

But no, men continually react to the demands of overbearing women. Women who demand archaic gestures that only reinforce the new paradigm.

Men need to learn a word that women were once trained to use: NO.

Men need to say No. Men need to learn to disappoint and rebut women’s unrealistic demands. Men need to grow balls and thicker skin against the bitter lashings to entitled female culture.

Men have been trained to cave to every woman’s stupid nonsensical desire. In so doing, women have lost respect for men, whether they recognize it or not. A woman is like a child. She will respect authority figures who erect limits and barriers. 21st Century man doesn’t do this.

For too long men have learned to cave and relinquish, and now…they have nothing left to relinquish. Yet they still allow women to dictate the gender framework. Men are fools! They are so pussified that any time a woman yells or throws fit, they reactively do whatever it takes to maintain the peace.

The peace is your death, MEN.

Learn to love the fight. Men must retrain their killer psyche and learn to love battle instead of lazily fixating on idle activities like the Super Bowl or prime time TV.

Be men again, learn to love fierce combat. And today’s woman is now your fiercest combatant. The wooly mammoth is dead, but the bitch is alive and she wants your blood. Slay them, guys.