The perfect storm for domestic war

Like Godzilla storming into town, I do believe it’s headed our way. It’s coming but it’s not exactly what the common perception of it is, or anything close to what the phrase “race war” connotes.

But the race war is approaching.

Tulsa killings of random black people:

(CNN) — The police chief of Tulsa, Oklahoma, offered a stern, succinct message Saturday to the man he believes killed three people and critically wounded two others in a spate of seemingly random shootings: “We’re coming for you.”
Chief Chuck Jordan described the shootings at four separate sites — all of which occurred early Friday within two to three miles of each other — as “vicious and cowardly attacks.”
A survivor described the suspect as a white man, driving an “older” white pickup truck, according to Jordan. Police Capt. Jonathan Brooks told CNN that such a truck had been spotted at at least three of the shooting sites, around that time.
Still, Jordan indicated authorities do not know the identity of the shooter. He added, too, that a basic description of a white man driving a white truck “alone probably accounts for 50,000 people in the city of Tulsa.”
With the assailant still at large, city leaders stressed that information from the public will be critical to cracking this case.
“To know that you can’t walk down the street at night in your own neighborhood, that’s a terrible thing,” said city councilor Jack Henderson, who represents the district where the shootings occurred. “The only way that this person is going to be brought to justice is we need some leads. We need some people to come forward. We need some people to tell us what you know, what it is you heard.”
About 30 representatives from four different law enforcement agencies — the Tulsa police, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI — are on the case, as part of a newly formed task force called “Operation Random Shooter.”
They’ll be working around the clock to solicit leads, gather evidence and conduct interviews, according to Jordan.
Earlier Saturday, Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett told CNN that at least 40 cruisers are patrolling the affected area. He added that officers are spending the weekend “going, literally, door to door, and asking people if they have seen anything (and) what their opinions and observations are.”
What authorities do know is the first shooting occurred at 1:03 a.m. Friday, according to Brooks of the Tulsa police. That victim, 49-year-old Dannaer Fields, died at a hospital.
Three minutes later, two people were shot nearby — one of them “pretty close to the (gunman’s) vehicle and the other … a little further away,” the police captain said. Those two were initially in critical condition but, by Saturday evening, were believed to have improved to stable and are expected to survive, according to Brooks.
Then, just before 2 a.m., a fourth shooting incident — like the first, a fatal — occurred. The third person killed was found around 8 a.m. next to a funeral home in a more commercial district, though Brooks said police believe he was shot much earlier.
In addition to Fields, Jordan identified the other two victims as William Allen and Bobby Clark.
“It appears all the victims were out walking or in the yard,” Brooks said. “This (happened in) a residential neighborhood, predominantly single-family dwellings, except for the last victim.”
All the victims were black.
The Rev. Warren Blakney, a pastor at a city church and president of the NAACP’s Tulsa branch, said the shootings could well prove to be hate crimes given that they happened in a predominantly African-American neighborhood.
“For a white male to come that deep into that area and to start indiscriminately shooting, that lends itself for many to believe that it probably was a hate crime,” Blakney told CNN.
Brooks, the police captain, said one survivor recalled how “the suspect drives up to him, asks … for directions and shoots him for no reason.” There is no indication the shooter used a racial slur or said anything else that might indicate his motive, according to police.
Jordan acknowledged it is a “very logical theory” to assume they were targeted in hate crimes, but said that “we have had no evidence” yet to indicate that.
“Right now, I’m more worried about three of my citizens being murdered,” the chief said. “And if it takes us in a direction of a hate crime, that’s certainly where we’ll go and we’ll prosecute him for that as well.”
Tulsa’s mayor commended city residents for already having “really come together,” intent on helping capture the killer.
“It should be concerning to all Tulsans, because we are all in this together,” Bartlett said. “Some of our fellow Tulsans have been pretty violently shot, and some of them are not here today to enjoy the weekend with their families.”
CNN’s Nick Valencia and Don Lemon contributed to this report.

The “race war” is coming to town. I’ve been dismissive and skeptical of such a thing for a long time, but events that have transpired over the past year, further enhanced by a specifically ordered social climate, that lead me to believe we are witnessing the “opening shots” of a race war that will plague us in the years to come. I would venture to say that many of the Oklahoma police officers who are banding together to catch the “white suspect in the white truck” themselves have a few choice strong opinions about minorities, but they are sworn officers of the law above all else and are committed to uphold the law of the land, and the law of the land states that someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is guilty of random murders there. Unprovoked murders which sound chillingly to have been engendered by the most random cause of all…race. The story is very fresh and any number of contributing variables can still radically shift the nature of the incidents. But initial impressions are that a white male in Tulsa drove around last night and shot 5 unconnected people with no apparent motive, other than that they were all black. Hm. One cannot help but note that we are still mired in the reverberations of the distasteful aftereffects of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida and the rash of retributive assaults that have followed in the form of white on black and black on white violence.

Yes, a race war is approaching. But don’t look for a “war” in the typical sense of the word involving armies of mobilized fronts battling each other over a captive ground. This is not how the race war will unfold. In fact, the race war will closely mimic the dynamic of the drug war in Mexico. It will be molded of various, random killings and brutalities which may occasionally involve large groups of invaders or victims. In the center of it all, the police will attempt to quell the disturbances and they will face increasing hostility as well. They will begin having to deal with bold aggression not seen before. The race war will be composed of 3 fronts: 1) Whites (and those self-appointed “Whites”), 2) police/federal and state governments and 3) Blacks and Jews, a broad category which will come to encompass most other people of color, especially Hispanics, and increasingly composed of ill-fated White liberals who will find themselves targets of assault as well. I don’t believe this will strictly be a race war as much a class war. Economics and lifestyle will come to play major delineations in the subsequent dispersal of ideology.

In the beginning, it will be primarily White versus Black. Not many are likely to take an aggressive stance initially; rather, early “battles” will be marked by aggressive self-defense (ala Zimmerman) which will find widespread justification during the spawning moments of the coming race war. Occasional horrors will be wrought upon the innocents. Black people, White people, those who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, will find themselves brutalized. The race war will assume the scattered complexion of a guerilla-style warfare which ebbs and flows with the tidal wave of emotions and retributions across the country. The moment the battles infest urban zones is when the troubles will truly begin in earnest. The urban zones are mainly safe from race wars at this point in time for a variety of socio-cultural reasons, but I foresee the day that rural soldiers bring their brand of aggression into the cities. And in fact, many dormant urban dwellers will begin to rise in kinship with their rural brothers in arms.

A race war will be denoted by random or concerted attacks. Small events will flare out of control since the situations are tense and and fear and hate are as volatile as gasoline fumes. A mass murder here, a series of rapes there, kidnappings, widespread mayhem which will fall under the umbrella of race war.

The police will come to represent the government which is the entity most detested by the White soldiers. The police will become mired in the hostilities and many innocents will be killed and injured. Sniping, perhaps bombings and other rudimentary battle maneuvers will arise. Like I said, look to the Mexican drug war as a template, though I certainly have doubts that the race war will reach such a monstrous and cruel level. I do see assassinations and kidnappings included in the arsenal of aggression by both sides, of public officials, reporters, police, and symbolic attacks on innocent people. This will not happen overnight. The progression will be nearly imperceptible. It will be so discreet that one day, we will wake up and find our society is in the midst of a “race war” but there will be no news snippets of the next battle because they arise so spontaneously that it will be difficult to predict since there are no true battle plans or areas of conquest. Statements will be made with violence.

When will the race wars begin?

I think it may have begun already. Hostilities are playing out and slowly accumulating momentum. Passions are flickering right now but the fuel is potent and like a fireplace, the kernel, the young ember, will ignite and slowly consume the nest. I suspect the race war may be precipitated by an incident of astounding carnage. Things will settle down after police flood the scene and make arrests and they display a show of force. Things may calm down. However, the affront will remain in people’s hearts and hate will flare in privacy until subsequent acts of the race war flare anew.

April is a cruel month. I feel that if a race war begins, it will happen in April.

Look to recent history to glimpse the future.

April, 1992: The Los Angeles riots erupted after the not guilty verdict in the Rodney King trial. For all intents and purposes, this was a race riot. It stayed in the hood but threatened to march into the untouchable White areas of Hollywood and beyond. It died out quickly, but the ember was there, in April.

April, 1985: The ATF and FBI joined forces to invade and end the “reign” of the violent Christian identity group, CSA, in Elijah, Missouri. The Fed’s interestingly chose April 19, which was also the anniversary date of the opening battles of the American Revolutionary War over 200 years previous. The FBI ostensibly was after CSA member Richard Wayne Snell, who was implicated in the murder of a black police officer years previously.

April, 1993: Once again, on April 19, the ATF and FBI found themselves conveniently at the scene of another siege gone bad after a 50-day standoff with the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas. The tragic event which left scores dead was laced with a populist-style anti-government fervor.

April, 1995: Once again, on April 19. The Oklahoma City bombings. The granddaddy of them all. The greatest act of white separatist aggression which is still shrouded in suspicion and mystery to this day.

Ideologically-minded extremists are fond of calendar dates and their legacy of symbolic placeholders for violent gestures of action.

The race war will simmer, it will not boil.

Why now?
The race war will be enabled by a couple of unique sociological factors.

The internet: the global cybercommunity enables contained hostilities to find an outlet and outlying kinship and thus, adds a dose of volatility which allows them to not only fester, but to ignite and rage out of control. People have proven to not be very adept at separating their cyberlife from their real life. The hostilities, hate and frustration which in eras past would have stewed quietly in men’s hearts are now unleashed and empowered by the vast digital instigator. Technology now allows us to live out the horrors of man in intimate fashion, as if they were our own. Our sense of identification is strong as is our sense of revulsion.

The other factor is that we live in a society of the strong and successful woman which is accompanied by the parallel decline of the strong and powerful man. Masculinity, deprived and beaten down, is ill-tempered, impatient and unfulfilled, Men have no outlet for aggression, which is their primal nature. Men are bonded to their ass in a chair all day and are increasingly losing all sense of their evolutionary might to the social predominance of today’s female. It is contrary to man’s nature and ultimately, men will not be kept down. Nature, their nature, will not allow it, and inevitably they will lash out in displays of violence and aggression. The race war will be sparked by man’s post-modern sense of impotence. Rather than fixing the gender imbalance, men will resort to what men do…physical aggression as a remedy.

This is the perfect storm of social pressures and the race war beckons. White Tulsa dude in the white truck lives in many hearts, I fear. Not just in Oklahoma.

I have no motives in this narrative other than neutral observation. I hope I’m wrong.