A study of Reese with dark eyeliner


Let’s get this straight. First of all, I would not throw Reese Witherspoon out of bed no matter her state. That’s the honest truth. However. The presence of her husband, Jim Toth, might give me pause. Still, let’s assume the ideal circumstances which only exist in fantasyland. Such as, I’m driving down Sunset Boulevard one sunny afternoon and suddenly the bombshell jumps into my car. What am I going to say…no?


That said, Reese Witherspoon chooses good scripts and her body of work is captivating. “Election” was one of the better genre flicks in recent history. I’ve never been a big fan of her “Blonde” movies, but I admit they have a thoughtful charm. She is not empty-headed or prone to much stupidity…for a movie star. Still, she is blonde. I am not aroused by the blonde demographic. Brunettes rule. I don’t buy into the whole blonde bimbo thing, either. That’s hogwash. There are lots of smart blondes. Still, physiologically, blondes do strike me as monochromatic and bland, especially as portrayed in American media. In fact, I remember reading that Witherspoon turned down the lead role in “Fight Club” because it was “too dark.” The role defaulted to Helena Bonham Carter, who is truly hot (and much hotter than Witherspoon).


Hence: Witherspoon never struck me as paralyzingly hot. She has that girl-next-door curiosity and cuteness, but nothing that I would ever masturbate to if I was 13-years-old and home alone. I’ve always looked at her as an actress, but never a piece of ass.



Until I found this new pictorial/interview she did for Elle Magazine. At first glance, I was stunned by her fresh sexiness. Why was this, I pondered.


It was the dark eyeliner.



I have many personal sexy configurations I lust after in women. Black hair/porcelain skin, Sarah Silverman cat eyes, and this.
Blonde chicks with dark eyeliner which is decidedly unnatural, and I would venture to guess, doesn’t occur naturally. But once a woman artificially enhances herself this way, I melt. I suddenly find a woman sexy who I never found sexy before. Like Reese with dark eyeliner.


“Sexy” is a curious state of being because we are all capable of aesthetically appreciating others, but it’s a completely different ballgame when you find them sexy.


Sexy appeals to your visceral embodiment. Your loins talk.


Handsome and beautiful are artistic definitions which mean nothing for mating. I hear guys talking about how pretty or cute a girl is. Screw that. You need to respond to a woman on a guttural level in order to determine you want to tap that ass.


Legally Blonde Reese? Nah.


Elle Reese? Hell yeah!


*The conclusion here only applies to men. Women base Want on visual superficiality only.