Only be

I strive to master neutrality. Like a finely balanced acrobat on a razor wire, I walk this path I call life and seek perfect equilibrium

I haven’t always lived as such, but now I do. The ups and downs of life are harmful, wasteful and trivializing. Let other people roar in laughter or sob in despair. I want none of it. Joy is destructive and sadness is consuming. I walk this tightrope and do my best to weather the winds of my natural human inclination to sway in either direction until I topple into an uncontrolled descent.

I have no need in my life for the roller coaster dynamic of an erratic journey. An absolute level life course is indicative of a serenity that coats your existence every minute of the day. Conversely, an erratic life course writes its havoc on our daily misadventures. I’d rather stare at a wall blankly than laugh at it. It’s difficult living such a life for you must weather the fluctuating moods of others. But it can be done! One must derive strength to defy the contagious, addictive drama that plagues humankind. That plagues our nature. Drama is very natural but disruptive. It is one of our most destructive habits and inclinations. The drive to climb the elevations of mood and sink into the catacombs of misery. Yes, good, bad, we desire it all. I don’t believe those who say they don’t want drama. Bull. Everyone wants drama in its own way. Drama is the heroin of our soul. We want more of it, more to ravish our static existence. Drama is a sensual weakness that afflicts us. We are gluttons of mood. We want the pinnacle of joy but we dread the pinnacle of fear, yet we know that with joy comes dreads.

I want none of it. Let me float peacefully upon my life’s surface, never causing ripples nor disturbing the fluidity of the pond.

Many may call it boring, but it is fine. It is normal and wholesome and exquisitely sustainable. Don’t ask for so much or settle for so little.

Only be.