East L.A. Makeover: Bathroom and Kitchen updates

Now that they are running “concurrently,” I can group these suckers together. A very time-saving measure!

Anyways, a quick rundown, courtesy of a day off from work (this was Monday):

Slowly but surely. I’ve put my containers to use. I’ve cleaned out and wiped the cupboard shelves which were looking a little gnarly during my intro. As you can see in these photos, I’ve separated out most of the crap that had been sitting in the dust or on the counter top. I’ve also put the drawer organizer thing to use as well and shifted some stuff around. What a difference. I’ve also cleared out the cupboards on the other side of the sink to house 6 rolls of toilet paper at a time (you never know, some big shitters might come over) as well as tall bottles which didn’t fit so well in the containers in the opposing cupboards.

I predict this will be complete by the end of next weekend:

-The medicine cabinet is almost there, but I need to clean the glass shelves and dust it out a little. Maneuver some stuff around in a final coup d’grace.
-I’m a little daunted by the mess under the sink. Blah, don’t wanna go there.

-I noticed today while mopping that the walls are a little nasty. Lots of weird discolored stains. Don’t ask. They need to be scrubbed.
-Final purchase will be a new shower hose.

And that should mark the end of stage 2. Woo hoo. It doesn’t get more exciting than this!


When have I officially started work on a room?
The first time I mention it, right around the time of the video intro? The first time I wipe dust? Who knows…as far as I’m concerned, the first time I buy anything for the room constitutes a “beginning.” And today I did that:

I am learning one thing…I’m fond of plastic containers. Step 3 is begun!

My first sojourn into the badlands of the kitchen, the “west” cupboards:

Amazing what a difference throwing unneeded crap in the trash can do.