Satan and human spiritual condensation

Alright, I’m not the most religious guy. In fact, I’m downright blasphemous and a little depraved. Or a lot, depending on the situation. Situation is key.

I’m an atheist.

I don’t believe in much other than my consciousness. I’m a doubter. I was born a doubter. This skepticism is physically etched in my brain. I have an inability to consider omnipotence as a consciousness. Because really, that’s what God is. Omnipotence with a consciousness and a will. I’ve often wondered how an omnipotent being can have any self-awareness whatsoever? I assume omnipotence discounts a consciousness, for a consciousness is the result of decision, choices and considerations. An omnipotent being, by its very nature, is eternal and endless. An omnipotent being is one-dimensional and incomprehensible. An omnipotent being cannot comprehend life. It is elemental in function. Nothing can descend it. An omnipotent being cannot be aware of less.

So I don’t understand omnipotence and I’ve yet to hear anyone try to defend a finite God.

I don’t argue with religious people because it’s a waste of time to argue about religion and beliefs or lack thereof. Some things transcend our bickering. Relentless quibbling is a function of the ego. Some things must go unquestioned. I have the utmost respect for those who believe amd live their devotion. I despise hypocrisy in any form. Hypocrisy can strike anyone. Hypocrisy is my enemy, not devoted worshipers. I co-exist well with relgious people. I don’t nag them about religion or their beliefs. In return, I expect to not be nagged either. This is why I’m particularly repulsed by those religions which love to proselytize a little too much. In fact, ’tis the season of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the champions of preaching and door-knocking. They are so transparent. They walk around in their frumpy threads every major religious holiday, as if to snub the Christians. Easter is one such season. They will be out in full force. I saw a group of them today, no doubt ramping up to exact some Ash Wednesday blitz of Lighthouse promulgation. Occasionally they come up to me and try to talk and hand me their crap. I turn it down with a sour face. I give them an attitude. I can’t stand their method. It’s not the message, it’s the messenger that irritates me. Just about all Christians I know leave me alone and don’t try to convince me to be the next Messiah.

It’s not the concept of God that I find intolerable. A benevolent, encompassing presence, all knowing, infusing our life…sure, sounds good to me. How can you quibble with this? My most incredulous reaction to religion, however, is when they start talking about the devil. Satan. 666!

This is the concept where religion, at least Christianity, loses me. The duality of good and evil, light and dark, is so contrived and reactive, formulaic, that man’s desperate notions are smothered all over the allegory. On the one hand, there is God in his virtuous wonder. But there must be a dark element. The usurper of decency and life. A former man, banished, dehumanized, for evil is not human. It is a script. If God is outlandish, Satan is a tall tale. Satan is our invention to elevate the notion of God. God without Satan is…man.

The funny thing is, I agree with the spirit of Rick Santorum’s 2008 comment.

Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition.

That is, I agree with the everything except the Satan part. Pride, vanity and sensuality are indeed overabundant rotten fruits of modern society. Human society is an exponentially expanding plethora of misdeeds and as we approach critical mass, Satan’s character assumes our own. Our filthy, hideous selves have waited to spring forth for eons, waiting for the time and circumstance. The time and circumstance draw closer each generation. This steady march of inevitably is a helpless one. We can never turn back because we spawn new generations who successively overthrow our predicated delusions. Extrapolate this over time, over thousands of years, and Satan’s return is incontrovertible. Satan is our dormant flesh unshackled by the march of time of to the present moment of “human spiritual condensation.” Each unfolding era, the warmth of antiquity lifts.

Satan is time.