Blogroll Addition: FeministX


Frankly, this “blogroll addition” puzzles me.


It’s a blog I’m not enormously familiar with, definitely not to the level I would expect someone to be familiar with for a blog they list on their blogroll (which I would presume is a rather lofty personal honor). Essentially, this blogroll addition pertains to a concept and a few posts which strike me as personally gratifying, to the degree that I feel almost as if I could have written them myself, so deeply does my intellectual sympathy run with the author.


The author? Who? A mystery.


Don’t know her name. Her blog is called FeministX and though it seems strangely obvious, she is anything but.


She is not…typical. Whereas the field is over-populated with the obligatory dykish, male-hating, lumberjackish femininistic herd, FeministX lays back a little. Lets her long dark hair down and enjoys the male attention, especially the Alpha male attention. Cloaked behind the rowdy feminist ball-busting image, she’s also fond of her femininity.


And displays her wares proudly.


If we are to believe:




Yes, that is who the mysterious blogger known as FeministX claims to be. The feminist who has proven she can be harshly self-critical of her gender’s generalized failings but who is also able to resort to the tried and true feminist skewering of the male race. She is too sexy and too obliging of the typical borderline man’s-rights misogynist. She’s the female equivalent of a dark sudsy brew that contains no fat, no sugar, no carbs, yet all the nutrients and anti-oxidants you need in an FDA-decreed 24-hour day.


And as is prone to happen when such a shaky and suspicious congruence of events falls into place, people doubt. When FeministX posted her infamous breast photo (the original contained her face but she cropped it…evidently she didn’t want the face connected with the boobage) there was a chorus of accusers yelling “photochopped!”


I have to admit, I harbored (and still do) some doubts…anyone can be anyone on the internet. FeministX could very well be

, or more likely,


FeministX is young, and I suspect, molding her future persona, and while feminism may have been the original driving force behind the genesis of her blog, she’s begun to deconstruct some of the thinking, the paradigm, behind her chosen field of bloggery. In her profile, she even states:


I started my blog with the intention of focusing on feminist concerns, but lately I have taken to writing about the biological basis of human behavior.


Wow! That’s quite a departure, FemX. Feminists eschew the biology, the millions years of evolution thing, feminists are rabid and vehement deniers of the notion that sexuality is a fixed and genetic facet of our personality. Feminists are the ultimate biological relativists. And for FemX to proclaim on her blog that she is now concentrating on the “biological basis of human behavior” points to an almost complete turnaround of beliefs in a few short months her blog has lived.


Seems she has become the unofficial buxom spokeswoman for HBD (“human biodiversity” – not nearly as liberally academic as the name may imply) an interesting field of “study” or “thought” or whatever it is you see fit to call a rapidly expanding group of intellectuals who need to put a label on their belief system. Thing is, you end up with a legion of high-IQ’d members and you will be drawn in by their fluent and articulate arguments as they espouse whatever it is they…espouse.


As FemX concentrates on untangling human biological behavior, she is enticing flocks of HBD intellectuals to her site, for she combines all the necessary ingredients required for the social spread and societal exposure of the HBD phenomena…a sexy young Indian girl who claims to be a feminist but also not, who claims to see the “big picture” and can distinguish between natural human evolved urges and the wrath they have reserved for the female half of the species for millions of years. It’s odd. She recognizes what goes on, intellectualizes it, and finally, makes no demands. As if the act of pointing out the harsh genetic legacy we all bear defrays any pressing cultural revamping. Man, that is not a very good feminist.


That’s cool, whatever floats her boat. If there even is a real FeministX.


Some of those HBD folks and their neo-eugenicized framework can be quite utilitarian and imposingly egotistical…anything is possible.


In any case, FeministX, the blog, posts some excellent material.


I will go into HBD at another time. From a Chicano perspective.


If that’s not a draw, I don’t know what is.