The Cybercult of Free Human Radicals

Earlier I was telling my mom, brother and son that I was playing around with the notion of starting a cult. I think I might like being a cult leader. I think I have it in me!

But maybe not.

I’m certainly manipulative enough in a sad passive manner, and emotionally intelligent. I’m actually quite charming and just egotistical enough to give it a major league effort.

I will need to sniff out my target audience first. This may be difficult being that I try not to leave the house if possible and especially being that I avoid groups (more than three people) like the plague. I can’t function in large disarrayed groups of idiocy which invariably afflicts groups of people and whose likelihood is directly proportional to the size of the group. I don’t want to deal with the rampant mass idiocy. Human shortcomings distract me. This will be a difficult task for me. My “cult leader” striving is frankly endangered by my willful misanthropy. Ugh. Most cult leaders are in fact misanthropes but what is it they possess that allows them to find the gumption to rouse distasteful bands of needy losers to their beck and call? Cult leaders must have a disdain for their sycophants; such a deep hatred that they don’t mind stirring up a mass suicide for the sake of their own egotistical gratification. Their congregants are toys.

I suppose an effective cult leader must be a misanthrope but simultaneously possess the ability and desire to mingle and interact within groups of people. Loners cannot be good cult leaders. Perhaps the next stage of cult evolution will happen online. Finally the loners and shut-ins can be the cult leaders they were meant to be.

A cybercult would be awesome because there is no need for a physical “church” location or outpost remote dusty ranch or compound and the socially disinterested drop-out can now wield the coercive and emotionally abusive power that Charles Mansion or David Koresh did in real life. A masterful online cult leader would draw in the “vulnerables” and perhaps, not even make them do anything other than laud his or her magnificence in absentia. The cybercult leader still has the option, if he desires, to herd his followers into a frenzy of demented worship to the point where they would do anything he asked of them via email or IM or a comment chain. The cult leader would commandeer their weak moral structure and they would live to uphold his lifeview.

The world is looking bright for prospective cult leaders who in eras past would merely have smoldered away in a dusty dark room while fantasizing about ruling the world, or more realistically, weakened people.

My mom asked me the name of my cult. I couldn’t think of one then. Now I know.

My cult will be the Cybercult of Free Human Radicals (FHR).

The Free Human Radical lacks, much like his counterpart in the domain of Chemistry and physiology, the Free Radical, a paired sense of cohesiveness and belonging within society and with other humans. He is super reactive and quick to respond to his environment. He exerts tremendous energy and is apt to strike at the structural backbone of society’s DNA and is capable to generating a destructive chain reaction that brings society to its diseased knees.

This is the constitution of the Cybercult of Free Human Radicals (FHR).

It is the self-recognition that one’s own special formulation skews unevenly and thus creates a persistent tension which can only be alleviated by destructive externally focused interactions.

Welcome to the Cybercult of Free Human Radicals.
I need an insignia.